18 thoughts on “RED BOTTOMS MAMPALA

  1. Never see come see, nutting nuh frightening we! Mi shell di bar already, mi ago dweet again , dweet again! Frightened Friday!!!

  2. Real never see come see!!!! No need to show red bottoms no more becuz everybody wore n wearing nowadays…. Real n fake!!!! I don’t expect any better its in his blood becuz him have a younger brother who lives in Ja n is so the Bwoy show off n frighten n him nuh have dry shit…. Some ppl just need to chill, them mek social media mess up dem head! Chill dude

  3. Remind me when mi jus start mi likkle filing office job, move out mi parents house and somtimes di bills tight, rent short and mi beg mi lil boyfriend a foreign send $100 fi help mi out, BWOY sey di money him have a whe him save fi buy him summer clothes, mi seyyyy, bare bun mi start run, cuz mi not supposed to faithfully a wait pon boyfren a foreign and clothes more important than help me out…DAMN FRIGHTEN NEVA SEE COME SEE OVA CLOTHES AND BOOT
    When him come fi visit and find out sey mi have man, bwoy waan beat mi off n all one ring whe him give mi him tek back off mi finga

  4. Bout what do the cameraman. Like a nuh yuh set it up. You think u a celebrity weh paparazzi a follow. Bye Tyrone. Kmt

  5. But dem fool china meck dem shoes dah to plus who can sah him have shoes inna d bag dem disgusting u si him act like a gal

  6. Real Pappyshow frighten Friday stinking foot Marcel HIM nasty Tina and the gal dem a fight over look pon HIM to smh this little idiot boy a HIM u lose thousands a dollar over mek ur party no keep!!#woiee me belly

  7. Marcel don’t have shit him live a Bronx pon building and sleep pon one lil bloodclaat bed no furniture all him have a clothes and is not even nuff him too frighten fi mi nah lie

  8. I knew that was Marcel wow and who car his coming up out of? I thought he had one red car since his party he has been sitting on top of the world he must of been big money that night that now his money tall… He better stop showing off before someone rob him because they tink him have money… He worse than a woman showing off…

  9. MET out a every hot boy U put up this a poppy show yah,people still a show red bottom box,u cah know a the first real 1 him own,Only gal do that.You Inna red bottom & you Madda inna mk bag u need fi step everybody up,u a bruck sport marcel,stop try follow jicon & them fool.You promise me money and all now but you want f**k,puss stop give weh free,u party skanty like.kmt

  10. My brother said he sit & hear this boy chat bout woman like there nothing,Big foot marcel,gal really lay down and mek you f**k dem,Waste boy this.U nuh ready fi dis yet.Show a house you buy,a car you buy fi you mumma,school shopping for your kids & then mi will rate you.A hate them bruck & show off boy yah.smfh

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