God don’t like ugly! What major contractual breaches? Tell the people the truth and stop tell lie bout you did not perform because of major contractual breaches. Too damn lie!
@nesbethreggae let the people know it is because you did not pull the crowd and you were acting like a platinum artist. You did not want to perform in front of the few true ardent fans that came out for you. Yes the venue wasn’t to capacity.
We kissed your a*s and granted you your every requests. All moneies paid in full. Try note that. We delivered you never did. Simples.
Our team worked extremely well getting the event out there via online and all events in fact everywhere where possible. Promotion was on point. So you can’t even say it was lack of promotion. Maybe lack of promotion on your part because we were begging and pleaing for you to put it up.
We all treated you and your team with respect. Try note it was your team member who was threatening to cancel the show because you did not get itinerary but money was paid though. Tickets were bout though. Visa and work permit were granted though. If you say you did not get any money please remember I have proof.
Whatever damage control you want to do by all means do it but do not try and tarnish our name in the process.
We love our culture and we are here promoting it in the United Kingdom so do not act as if we did not honour the contract.
Nuff respect to @direalkiprich @juniorcatdancehalldeejay @kym_music and our local artists.
“Nesbeth was booked to perform at concerts in London, Birmingham and Luton. However, he did not perform at one of the shows due to what his management team describes as major contractual breaches.”
Look into yourself and tell me if you are happy with your behaviour regarding the show. Did you show love and respect overall? Please to outline your simple demands that weren’t even in the contract but we have honoured them with respect, because we believe if the artists are not comfortable within themselves they are not going to be happy with their delivery.
Again, do whatever damage control you want to do but do not tarnish our name in the process. Thank you.


  1. Some of these artist wicked with their demands you know? some of them have one bag a man trail behind them and you have to buy all of them first class tickets, the things that they ask promoters for you have to wonder if them sane or insane to rasta. Humble thy self youth, sometimes Jah will take away your blessings.

    1. Mi waa fi know if him really nuh perform because him never see nuff people.If he did that something gotta be wrong with him already

      1. Met a so him stay him did come a Hartford and give the promoters one piece a Hell and waste them money… After them book the Hyatt hotel for one night for him.. When him reach him say him naw stay there him want to go to the Hilton, the Marriott or a 5 star hotel cause him is the hottest thing right now with my dream .. One of the promoters had to tell him say him no hot is him wife sympathy him a ride on.. One big drama them not booking him for Hartford again..

          1. What him know bout 5 star hotel and him cant full a stadium? The business mash up because these artistes have no humility

          2. Can you imagine if him did have a full album? one song and a behave so. When him did in a the ghetto a struggle what him really did know bout 1 star hotel much more whola 5? eeeh? This is the mentality that most of our Jamaican artist have, they get a little bust and this is what it comes to, before they give Jah thanks and keep it simple, make a little money and SAVE, have a good relationship with the promoters aboard, but no they have to come here with the one bag a demands. I laugh when Vegas announce him turning christian, WHEN ALL HELL FAILS YOU TURN TO GOD. That is a next topic by itself, cause I heard vegas said that NO MONEY not making in the dancehall again and people not buying music like that anymore and bops as him say that the next day him turn christian. Them too much! You get a break, make do with what ever little things cause trust me, This Jamaican concert over here in the US people at least BIG PEOPLE hardly fool with it anymore.

  2. Monies paid in full… then breech of contract could have been addressed after performing.

    Then, manager you never see the breech before hand and know how to handle it without causing a “reputational rift” for the artist?

    Promoter seem to be a documentation zealot see unu going to have a warm time disproving him/her 😀

  3. kno something this man lost him wife and a sister,he needs to honor his contractual agreements yes, but from him sing the labourite song yes sosome eediats a say, cause Andrew like the song, same old same old behaviour political crows have him up

  4. Mi believe, mi know how artiste tan, but what he needs to do is get in the studio cuz the people dem tired of the one song, thats why they never came out. Him perform that song basically everywhere ppl tyad fi see him perform it. The moment is now cuz A long time me a wonder if him can really find a next song.

  5. He got all his needs met.He got paid so even if the room empty him should care zero.He acting as if him have a catalogue of songs on him resume.Its a business contract.So unprofessional.Do he not know that he can be blacklisted.
    He need to eat some humble pie and go back in the studio and come with something else and hope it’s a hit .

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