13 thoughts on “RENE DO DI BODY

  1. Mi know this was coming. Mi did talk it ova yah. Renee will always be the last fi get or do anything. World Dawg seh, di one weh dem always lef when dem a travel.
    Weh mi wah ask Renee is when is she gonna start thinking for herself?
    When she a guh stop follow company? She come in like Sher puppet.

    BTW, Did anybody notice that Renee never deh a road like Nikki Chromazz? She mek har body heal while Chromazz deh a road a tun di body inna porridge.
    A wonder if unu can get some more money and start guh back a school cause unu duh baddi but dunce same way. Gwan a school man, Renee caption pon har page mek mi head hurt mi.

  2. No lie Nikki chromaz body didn’t do good. All the excitement and hype how she was behaving her body don’t look good, them fuck up nikki body all her ass don’t look good. Her fren them nuh stop post Renee new look lol a wonder how she feel cause we know neatly she an them nuh too talk like that.

  3. A young woman, I don’t even think she’s 25yrs old. What a shame! I hope all pf them that are doing their bodies have a house, a piece of land or a means of transportation. This is unreal! Even tho I knew it would happen, she looks wider than a semi. Love thyself.

  4. Her body looks good compared to her natural body. But so had to much work done at one time. Very dangerous and it could’ve cost her her life.

  5. Anyone sah renee look good. Dont like her , the picture she posted is photoshopped. See her real body then you wonder what happened

  6. It look like she did a tummy tuck too cause she have di same navel weh everybody have when dem do it. She post a sexy video and was trying to shake her ass but it neva move, it stiff. I hope it will start move soon cause that’s how she make her money.

  7. What a whole heap a sumting a gwan yasso. Den a how renee ago maintain dah body yah when it look like she love food suh?

  8. All dem picture photo shop sher an renee with out photo shop and make you still see the real person when she an sher tek of them mask you ready fe run lol we good over here lol #2019 fake bodies and fake face its over for you hoes like future said dwfl

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