Honestly I don’t understand why them woman here love stay a farin r cum a ja and take care of them dancehall boy here!!!! Seriously thou…… Now this lady her man n her daughter deh pon the same age level so mi would a sey her son not her man cause all she do a mine this boy wey nuh wah go look work n every min she cum a Jamai21ca fi keep dance fi him


  1. Sender this story is to be continued, need more details plus picture of the cougar! Thank you very much!

    1. so wha wrong wid tha no f**k no deh a farin suh wha if she want come deh come fk yard man wood ever tun up than farin what if she a cougar morewhile a who attract to u, older a man na look pon u a young gal them want. so what if the script flip something wrong? old man mine young gal suh what if older woman gi young man things to exchange fi the good up buddy we a keep each otha happy him gi mi good f**k mi buy him gift.

  2. But the bwoy look like the same age as the woman to me cause sender obviously u nah see the oleconcubinaraus from Canada whey did a wine off the likkle bwoy a Jamaica
    Seerusly the lady no look bad at all I think a she a did prize in this so it must mean that the ole looking young man have a werking koki then smh well to each his own

      1. Metsy how u dossing???
        Mi see say she a big woman but him no look too young needa so I just don’t know non tall
        Senda all u do is put urself inna di position whey a u n him a spend mama money that’s all

      2. Met, yu mean chuet fi blink TWICE fi clear each eye? lolol

        Chuet oman look like she had a mild stroke.

  3. The world is a cycle…when she was young she probably did deh wid a big man wah coulda be her father fi mine har…now that she is a big woman a she a do the mining of a bwoy wha coulda be her son…I myself went thru this phase….when she is ready she will f**k and come to her senses…on the other hand she knows what she is doing and is prepared to keep doing it no matter what the cost…she has made herself into a hot commodity as now there are many boys lining up to take his position if he f**ks up!!!


  5. That wos New Jersey boss right hand at one point . Annette crystal u get fat u look different same stroke smile & lean mouth .

  6. Look like she a get har money’s worth and him a get him cocky’s worth, at least d woman nuh look too bad fi a ole woman up inna age n d boy look like d money a sweet him, so him cocky n mouth look like dem a work, all overtime too. Fi a young green boy ole age a beat him bad, him can nearly pass fi d woman grand fada. At least him look kinda happy. or him is expert at faking it, unlike d ugly ole look bad 1 weh mussi did name Juju sweetness weh rob from d craddle, a dat deh young boy deh did look like him just did waan get a green card and cut left har. (Me seh mi guh post dis pan d thread weh d woman a grine an drop inna d well, me nuh know how mi manage fi mek dat deh mistake deh, so if unno a read an buk up pan it just pardon me yah plz n tonks).

  7. suh wha wrong wid tha no fk no deh a farin yard man wood ever tun up. what wrong wid tha if she want young man older man na look pon u them want young gal so wha if the script flip him mek she feel good she mek him feel good to nothing no wrong wid tha him stay right there she fly out fe are good something then she come back and mek are money true no young boy na look pon u u jealous a ba the big woman them a get them young boy fk and yu deh a tek the old man wood whe the juice itchy.

  8. annette crystal lawd god she take miss r hand a partner money yah now gone spend pon poppa,met she nuh play fi buy lexuz give man in a dem name to at that n as u blink suh di man dem gone wid di wings in the morning

  9. TYPO: i meant to say she took her hand of partner from miss clover n run gone spend it,is bare big hand a partner miss clover give $500 a week

  10. She name annettte, cuz a boy weh mi know a JA meet pon Facebook and she tell im fi come har dance last year a JA name yellow and white, she did stay bad a har dance like wah. she tell the boy she a nurse, mi nuh know if dem still a link but im go the dance and claim dem link up an did f**k. so all though she a big ooman she have very likkle pussy principle

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