1. good day met

    good day metters

    mi no get now ppl a seh di voice is not kartel own.

    how dem claim to be his fans an ago seh dat anno him voice?

    dat only mek mi si seh all who a seh anno him, wanted a murder to be free, dem is the sh-itpit of society cuz tings a look dem square in di face an dem knowingly a deny it. u cyaah trust dese ppl dem a ole wicked.

  2. Apparently Kartel can do no wrong for these people. Then you have those who’ve found a way to justify Kartel’s actions as they think Lizard is a nobody.

    Kartel has committed many a atrocities, it is just that he has become sloppy

    Though I must say that I was not able to discern the voices when they were talking about holding down dude to cut his throat…

    Kartel deh weh im fi deh and that’s it…

  3. most jamaican glorify violence until its at there door so u can’t expect better from the dunce den that are still in denial

  4. What kartel did is nothing new to entertainers in Jamaica.The only difference is Kartel guh harder than the rest.They have always been financing murders.

  5. @ 5:11

  6. @ the two anonymous up top, unno couldn’t say it aby better. What Vybz Kartel did was probably not the first time him do it and masah God know say him a no the first artist/dj weh order or take part in a murder. Dont get me wrong I’m in no way supporting these actions but the fact is its happening. But dem a get exposed one by one

  7. The wrong(s) of one person cannot and should not be used to justify the wrongs of another. for the sake of this discussion, it futile to bring up the transgressions of others when dealing with Kartel.

    Since it is Kartel who was on trial, is it not enough to discuss his transgressions? When Buju was on trial, we spoke about Buju and when Ninjaman’s day comes, we will speak about him and him only.

    We are not faulting Kartel for the creation of evil, we are faulting him indisputable evil ways. We’ve also addressed the fact that Lizard is not a saint; hence, there is no need to mention the notion that Lizard and Kartel are one in the same.

    I assure you that if the tables were turned and it was Lizard who’d been accused of killing Kartel, the ones would not be saying that since they are they same, nothing should come out of such a murder…

    1. Lali with this case mi see people mek all kinda excuse nuh fi mek kartel look suh bad…is like it cannot settle pan dem chest that he was all that and more. Was Lizard’s sister unfair in anything she said? No…They go around making up stories that Lizard was a killer and mi tell dem already say Lizard and Chow was new to the ting and told them what he was responsible for but dem feel better saying he killed people with no proof of that. How u fi mek up a lie pan a dead soul?

  8. THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO WARE ME THIN. ALL A WHO A TALK BOUT PPL A REJOICE, FI KARTEL DEMISE, TUNDA & LIGHTENING & JUDGEMENT FI REACH DEM, HIM GET JUST WHAT HIM WORK FOR. IF A DID FI DEM MAN, BREDDA, STEPFAWDA, FAWDA OR ANYBODY FI DEM WOULD THEY FEEL THE SAME? MI STOMACH SICK A DEM NOW MAN! ALL Of a sudden, entertainers that was neva present to show comradery, now have a voie.Take it for what it is! Adijah Palmer is a stone cold individual who nuh have no heart, weh only have lungs, kidney & liva. & all who a talk bout ppl a rejoice…go and suck something soft & that is Vybz Kartel Hood, afta 35 yrs. GTFOH!

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