18 thoughts on “RICO RETURN DI WHOLE A H&M

    1. Dats why mi no sarrie fi dem when di gal dem Child support dem arse. You no sarrie fi mi and mi nah sarrie fi you.
      Set a waste vipers dem’

  1. Sender seems vex & u life sad bad…kmrt get a life & stop watch out the boy life

    Unuh stop worry bout him, him do wateva him like, a fi him life and him nah beg unuh nothing

    Haters haters

    1. How can anyone hate on people contribute nothing productive to society or even pay taxes? Does Rico have assets? Does he live somewhere? Does he work? Explain

    2. How is the sender’s life sad when according to the info posted, this NINJA don’t have two pennies to rub together yet he’s steady chasing the hype life??? Sad is when you have to return the ish you bought, not because of size or fitting but because your broke ass “bought” it to stunt and now returning the fabreezed-out, tag neatly pinned outfits. Sad is when your children need food, clothing and healthcare but you down in Miami drinking off other Ninjas bottles. Sad is when the whole lot of unnuh haffi pack up inna one hotel room 6-7 people deep just like how unnuh cock up in the roach infested welfare schemes. That’s sad. And you’re right, he’s not begging me personally for a thing because people like me work hard for the money and I have no time to be taking up every charity case that text/rings off my phone, especially if they have no intentions of calming down and bettering themselves.
      clearly you are the #DefenderoftheDunces

    3. :ngakak :ngakak :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss

      Heyyyy Pretty how you just a complsin suh boo? Laughter is medicine love.

  2. Germs get a life and stop watch out the boy them life…
    It hurts who him own up….abbbaaayy a she him say so stop ketch feelings

    The boy do wateva him want a fi him life

    1. WTF is this abbbayyy shit… Cho!!
      It sound like his ugly ass mom. Ugly woman.. do you have a man?
      You sho is UGLY..

  3. Yes man a she same one :ngakak :ngakak hate on Rico ???? Hmmmmmm let me see for what ???? The H&M clothes dem , no job , no status inna Mercia , no bank account ,no house , no care , no ambition wtf donkey face woman go nyam u cane bump and Gwey

  4. These waste women talking bout bad mind, the man nah take care of him pickney dem, how u fi bad mind nubadi fi that? I pray to God i never have the bad luck fi meet a man like that and these bitches defending them. dumb fcuks

    1. But Rico doe have a job or no papers so him cant even go on child support. The woman dem muss be blamed too

  5. Don’t look pan her. Birds of a feather flock together. She a KRUFF so of course she ago pick up for the dutty KRUFF.

  6. No spirit has no first class. These pretensious dummies.. Do your research before telling lies

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