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  1. Jesus Christ the King can’t spell bwoy used spell check . Your a clown pin Facebook it’s not hollyween yet :alay :hammer :hammer

  2. What’s the issue here???? While I am fully aware that Rico isn’t playing with a full deck of cards, as hi pack had mostly jokers, I really don’t see an issue. At times policy make honest mistakes and are just EAGER to hit send/post, while MAJORITY if the times dem just DAMN DUMB and NEED FI GO BACK AH SCHOOL, and other times, which I believe is Rico’s case, ppl try to be “creative” in the way the write, for example: cause=cuz/bitch=bytch or bish or biatch etc/though=tho and so on and so forth. And as usual mutiple letters to place emphasis. Suh mi nuh see di biggy!?!

  3. I forgot to say it must be the fact that he plans on smoking “loudd” in the ppl dem Movie Theatre!?!

    Yesssss! Theatre! I was taugh, learned and speak The Queens English! Oxford Dictionary mi work wid! [email protected] a Webster’s!


    But yuh know something I think it’s like I said “an honest mistake!”

  5. Met come onnnn man! Cut Rico some slack! I honestly believe this (see deh mi just type ‘thus’ instead ah ‘this’ ah while ah guh! But dye to how meeza girl weh ALWAAAAAYS guh back ova wah me write….) is a GENUINE mistake! Happens to the BEST of us! (Seer deh AGAIN! If fi of!)That’s why mi ever ah FLOOD yuh post den wid mi one zillion correction fi mi 9 billion Typographical Errors, caws mi CAAN BARE FIRST SEE DI [email protected]! AND MI NUH PLAY! *CHEESE VOICE* NUH DAY! WHEN IT COME ON TUH MI ENGLISH!

    1. mi ask a serious question so is not that mi a cut or nah cut him any slack..there is none ..mi waa know the word then mi can seh wedda or not people being hard on him because i dont get the word he is trying to use..no joke ting

  6. See deh! Typos *as his pack*, *At times ppl make*, *MAJORITY of the times*, *the way they write*, *I was taught, learned and speak The Queen’s English!*, *But due to how*, *Seet deh AGAIN!*, *post dem wid*, *CYAAN BARE FI SEE DI [email protected]!*

  7. I honestly over looked his error! Which is exactly what I think us the error within itself!

    After your comment I looked at his post again and realized he said “tonight movie treater flow!! Mad max!!”

  8. Dat is a GENUINE MISTAKE!

    Widdy deck weh Rico ah play wid, him wudda spell it “tata or Tata.” Suh mi KNOW FI A #FACT seh him learn do word after seeing it on Tv/FB/Insta etc, and just ah type fast and Choo di ‘r’ and ‘h’ inna on ah nedda (if yuh get di jist), him nuh realize we him write seh.

  9. Typos *I think is the*, *learn di word*

    JMG I know it’s annoying to see me full up one entire comment section with corrections, but I am obsessive compulsive as it pertains to A LOT OF THINGS! Proper grammar TOPS the list! I AM UTTERLY PEEVED…

    Mi gone ah mi BED!

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