Dwayne none of babymother them no have nothing good to seh bout you look what ms dainty wrote on lava status, tina say she give you green card for you to better yourself and so you can do better for her daughter you still not doing shit tina say she give up, pelpa ms dainty every big you up god bless you pelpa you put me in mind of my babyfather





  1. Lord god if u go inna di dance then nuh 90% of them would deh a jail causen say child support and hungry Pitney a look fi Nuff of the dance hall flossers….. Mappie a di top of the list!

  2. I gwine wah unuh leave Moy man alone u know. according to Moy Dewayne a tek care a har dawta who is not his.. Mi more than lost, cause how him fi a teck care of a next man child who is in the same boat like him**Deadbeat…
    Every one a Dewayne babymada seh him not doing zero but Moy seh him a do for his stepchild. Moy plesae stop dreaming and go get a real life. Ah young gal like unu meck man stop spend money pon woman. all unuh wah a buddy and no maintenace behind it..Gal like you realy come a farrin come tun cruff. deport uself and come back again.everyman u teck is ppl life you go ina and all now you cah bingo..

  3. Good morning everyone 15weeks ago pelpa having fun with his daughter 15weeks ago Dwayne a floss Dwayne dainty say life you fi get and I agree with her because you always in party a drink,what about your kids see Tina daughter was in private school last year now this year Tina have to put her in public Dwayne put a small on your kids face

  4. Me want know if Dwayne still flip moy daughter 1200 Weh she get for the little girl tax money,moy you need to stop big up Dwayne wake up moy moy get someone to help you out

  5. The system ah plan fidem!!!! Memba mi tell unu..new laws are being set in motion fidem**ESPECIALLY** fi di ones dem weh claim seh dem ah BIG business owners and ah file Forms 1099 and feels as if them can avoid and evade from paying child support cause them think seh Uncle Sam cannot take the money from them by force..the ones dem weh ah file Forms 1099 as a way to cover up them illegal transactions a.k.a. store front, fe floss outta road and inna dancehall and still nah pay dem child support….the ones dem weh print up NUFF counterfeit money and send the ghetto girls dem gaah people shopping malls wid dem fake hundreds and mek the girls dem buy up small items fe spend the fake hundreds and get back REAL CASH change…..forgery, check fraud…all ah dat!!! (**WITH PROOF) !!!!!….and them still naah pay dem child support……if the children dem haffe suffa…pussy ago suffa tuh……

  6. Moy need to sitdung because she alone Ina relationship Dwayne say him and moy a just friend and me know alie me just a show her Dwayne no rate her

  7. I hope she tell pelpa to take care of the other lil girl him have. Remember what goes around come back around.

    1. wHICH otha lickel girl?? mi think ah only 1 pickni Pelpa have.. dash di story pon we ova yah. Please and tonks.

  8. All over the year’s people say munchie daughter is for pelpa anon 11.44 go get a life , awho send you dwayne one child pelpa have and if you ask him pelpa will tell you, pelpa may sleep around but him bag his juice and give some waste gal to drink it like bag juice, dainty head you think you can hurt up, dainty don’t done u clip on dwayne leave some for some haters,11.44 u might be one the bi!ch pelpa sleep with and u did a try give pelpa jacket and didnt work

  9. All me know pelpa little girl dead stamp a him nothing for dainty, dainty you no feel bad the little girl no have nothing for you?

  10. Sanity you know if you call Dwayne name you get a f**k box..so you a run in with sikes..dainty you have about 6 Pitney 6 different father the rest a dem naa tek care a dem either dainty have a seat…and if him naa take care of him child why unno nuh put him pon child support??because unno can’t!!!cause what Dwayne can’t do for his kids him mada and sister dweet..and for moy moy bitch mi ago want you stop walk and call up Dwayne name cause you and him don’t dey him lef you cause u worthless and nasty..

  11. Dwayne sister will keep the dwayne kids thats all dwayne mother god please help her, yes dainty and tina you’ll need to put his ass on child support

  12. 236pm dainty only have four kids two boys two girls and so what if she did want have six kids pelpa take care of his daughter and her next baby father mind the next two only batty man Dwayne don’t mind him kids them and I mean batty man any batty a batty not because him f..k woman in their batty him batty man

  13. Dainty tell the world y you mad at candy? Evil bitch everybody did tell her to stop f**k with u but she never hear smh.

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