Jamaican athletes complain about the condition of the room they have been given in Rio. The rooms are not only dirty but it is clear that the workmen stopped in the middle of everything because all the tools are there.

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  1. Brazil is a very racist place. I’ve been to Rio before and they don’t hold black people in high regard they think we’re poor. If you’re black they do not expect you to be able to pay for your hotel etc. They are also very vulgar if you happen to be in an argument with them. My experience there really turned me off returning there.

    1. I worked there for 3 years. Never come across so much racism in my life. I would have felt more at home in apartheid South Africa. Months into my contract, security in my office and work block gave me problems everytime I stepped in the door. People think the place is glamorous. The whites hate blacks with a passion but watch Usain Bolt wife up one adem.

  2. This is horrible but I’m starting to think… Is this the case with all the athletes???

    I was just in Rio in June and stayed at the Sofitel hotel which was nothing like this…WTF!!!

    They make a TOB of money of the athletes and I can’t help but to think they are not spending the way they should to make the athletes comfortable.

    This is the WORST! We see this grand production of the Olympic Games but we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. This a great video to share with the world. So SAD!!!

    1. But um… if u ddnt experienced bucket bath you wouldn’t know bout it would you now? Dont u see that we have the most elaborate homes? Damn bright! Chinese, middle east everybody want come here to live why?? Bout bush damn brite! A mussy the bush on your pussy you a refer to! Damn pinkwall shit u be fly!

  3. @ Anon 11:49 look up unda whatever claat u wearing an u wi si di biggest, dirtiest, Bush bitch Eva……Met U nuh have no Raid puddung fi exterminate dis piece a fly.

  4. But this nah add up!a spokesman was on cvm tm last night saying this is the best training camp ever.He spoke glowingly abt the facilities n accommodations re the Jamaican contigent.

  5. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    I wonder if is the Jamaicans rooms alone look like this or both Caribbean and Africans cause I bet any money from the U.S.A,CHINA,RUSSIA,JAPAN,SPAIN ETC rooms much much better even their view

  6. Chinese athletes complaining bout the same thing. I heard the rich US basketball players got a big yacht and will not be in the village. It’s a darn shame with Rio, too much drama wid dis Olympics.

    1. Just ridiculous, from them, announce it was going to be in Rio I was turned off (not from watching) but why did they move it from China to begin with?

      1. I don’t know why they gave it to Rio, maybe Ramjam can weigh in on that. Perhaps some under di table money was exchanged.

        You did hear bout di paralympian and coach that were robbed at gunpoint coming back from training? Den Rio police seh dem caan provide security fi nuhbaddy cause salary nuh pay. Den di prostitutes a offer Zika discounts. Is bare fckry a gwan ova deh.

        1. That’s why Usain had all those police around him cause ppl over there just run up on yuh and grab what they can and run,it’s a damn shame and disgrace.So for the next two weeks, they must be over there in this kind of place to rest conditions

  7. To understand racism there you must understand slavery there. Brazil had more slaves than US matter of fact 40% of slaves to the americas went to brazil. Nuh affi tek my word for it go do the research. Brazil was built on slave labour both african and indigenous

    1. Yup & they were very brutal to slaves there. I once watched a documentary that spoke to a slave owner’s visitor complimenting the breasts of a slave woman to the owner on his arrival. When it was time for the visitor to leave, he was presented with the breasts. This is still on official records, because if nothing at all, the Europeans were very meticulous about recording their treatment of slaves.

  8. Met several sites on Facebook is sharing this of them in particular created a big controversy out of the fact that bolt get him own place.Big fuss that it nuh fair cuz look what the others get.well is bolt more than them?

    1. Him,Asafa and shelly-ann is more known than the others to others around the world but more so him but to say more than them he is not his pocket is just different

      1. Right except that is not bolt a pay for it,is ja government so is really taxpayers.clearly we can’t afford all of we athletes to stay in the lap of luxury but most ppl will agree who n who must get it

  9. They should ban Brazil for ever trying to host the games there in the future. I am still shock they want to hold the games there with the shortage of water, their virus an criminal behavior. An to u big bumbo bout more bucket for us bush b’s. You have a nerve..oh so u mad or nah that we called out Brazil. Scum bucket bitch. The time u take to be over here….Go tell your PM your country is not a good look and they need to get their affairs in order.

  10. Do not blame the Brazilians,blame the Jamaican government for not making sure our athletes had proper housing before leaving home.Now that they have seen this video what are they going to do about it?Usain you need to stay with your fellow Jamaicans it shows unity(one for all and all for one).

    1. Are you serious? Our govt has nothing to do with this. Brazil is the host and it is their responsibility to provide good, safe accommodations for all the athletes. What should happen is that every nation walk out of Brazil and leff dem wid dem dumpilympics.

  11. Brazil is to blame because all of their hotels are in poor condition or unfinished and athletes from all over the world is complaining about the same thing and this is the reason why the USA basketball team is housed on a yacht.

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