I’m actually surprised no one has made a post about this scammer given the havoc she’s been wreaking all over NYC.

I’ll give you all a quick backstory. This is Ranisha/Nisha/Anastasia/Rivka Young (IG: @rivkacity formerly @Rivkainthecity) of Barbados. The latest IG page, among the many others she has is called @rivkasubscription. She recent got wind that someone who may be close to her is out here telling her business to the world.

This girl has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG history of scamming men and women, stealing (money, jewellery, and anything else she can get her shaky hands on), and trying to pimp girls both in America and outside of America with her fake travel group she calls RPH (Rivka’s Party House). In the past 7-8 years, this girl has changed aliases 4-5 times and in those 4-5 times that she’s changed names, she’s gotten married each time and conned each man (except the first one—supposedly) out of money and resources. The girl has no shame about what she does, how she does it, and who sees what she’s doing. She goes so far to push this image that she’s living the life when in reality, she’s always bouncing from house to house every couple of years due to not being able to maintain a place to live. She’s always dated men just so she’ll have a place to sleep and eat.

This all started when she was 16 years old and her parents practically gave her away to a 60 something year old eccentric white British born Chicago based businessman who was vacationing in Barbados. She maintains that nothing sexual ever happened after her parents gave her away but of course no one believes that given her track record with men and willing to do anything for money and a roof over her head.

For years, this girl had lied about everything from her educational background (claims to have gone to school at the University of Chicago and Colombia University), to her career background (claimed she started a multimillion dollar hedge fund company at 21 or 22), to her family’s background (at one point she claimed to have come from family money in Barbados). She even went as far as having fake credentials and a fake LinkedIn page. She even claimed to have had a Ph.D by the age of 23 claiming she studied psychology even though she had always said her background was in finance.

Her first marriage was when she was 19 years old to some guy she’s never named. The second marriage was to a guy named Brian Obiedzinski. Back then she went by Ranisha/Nisha Obiedzinski. Her IG name back then used to be @thegirlinthehighheels , @basicwithabirkin , @highheeladdict , @bajanstilletto , and many other IG usernames. At one point, she was using 10+ profiles all at once. She’d post her vast collection of “Hermès” Birkins, Kelly’s, and various other “Hermès” pieces but of course eve everyone knew the truth. She also had a habit of stealing pics from people from purseforum and would try to pass them pieces off as her own. When she’d get caught, she’d delete the pics and block the person. When things ended with her second husband and people asked her what happened to all her Birkins, she claimed that her second husband stole them all before her divorce which of course was a lie. She also claimed that she was the one who ended the second marriage and claimed it was because her ex-husband was secretly racist and gay but that’s not the truth. The truth is that he left her after really seeing her true colours and realising she has stolen THOUSANDS of dollars from him without him noticing.

Presently, she’s on “marriage” number 3 even though her and her third husband were never really married and he’s still legally married to his other child’s mother. The new name she goes by now is Rivka Pastreich. After having stolen thousands of dollars from her second husband she quickly got with his third “husband” who’s surname she uses. Unbeknownst to him, she was a thief and very mentally unstable and up until a couple of months ago, he had to have her committed for some time due to her erratic behaviour which she has always exhibited with every man she’s been with. She has a very long history of being mentally unstable (flying off the handle, screaming erratically, throwing things, shouting, foaming at the mouth (literally she foams at the mouth), and basically terrorising anyone within her reach).

After getting with her 3rd guy, she quickly tried reinventing herself which is what she’s always done with all the men she’s been with both with the old man she lived with at 16 as well as every other man she’s dated/slept with. Currently she’s trying to pass herself off as a (frum) religious Jewish convert in order to get into the good graces of the wealthy Jews of NYC. She intentionally wears a Magen David in order to get close to other Jews when in reality she could care less about being Jewish so long as it allows her to meet new men. She claims to be frum but as recently as this summer, she was going on a 9 month alcoholic bing which started back in December of 2021 after her trip to Aspen with her “husband” and kids. She left her 3 kids (which she had with the 3rd guy she’s with) so she could spend months having sex, getting drunk, and fucking in bushes (that was on her Bora Bora trip). What’s ironic about this whole Jewish conversion thing is that just 7-8 years ago, she used to make horrible Holocaust jokes.

She also used to run a blog back in the day where she would literally steal stories from articles and post erratics things on Instagram claiming she was doing it for research for a thesis to see if she could make women on a gossip forum jealousy of her.

And another thing, she has a loooooooooooooooong track record of bullying and threatening women. Her most recent encounter involved her making someone sleep outside while she and some others from her RPH group slept in a yacht while they were in Bora Bora. The crazy part about her bullying people is that she’s slightly physically challenged and uses it to her advantage in order to con people. She used her challenges (she has mild CP; she drools, she slurs, and spits when she speaks). Everyone who generally comes in contact with her and gives her a chance, they all usually do so thinking because she had mild CP, she’s harmless but she’s actually far from that. If I remember correctly, I believe she’s been arrested in other states before. She’s a ticking time bomb of chaos and instability. She also has a deep disdain for Black women she perceives to be doing better than her, especially African American Black women. She has a deep haters for women with curvy women and women with BBL’s and because of that, she makes sure to befriend them so she’ll be only only skinny one in the group. She “befriends” (more like uses them) so she can position herself in settings where there’ll be white men so she stands out more. She’s secretly homophobic too which is why she still keeps claiming her ex-husband was gay and that he cheated on her with a gay man when in reality, she’s actually the one who cheated.

For months, she was being called out on her third union flopping and she would stupidly get on IG live drunk, ranting, and slurring that it’s all a lie and that women are jealous of her. Ha! I think not! No offence but no one is jealous of a couch surfing woman with no education, 3 kids with a baby daddy, and CP.

Currently she’s on the prowl for her 4th moron to scam since things have flopped with her 3rd guy. The girl has been going on back to back dates like a dog in heat.

There’s a laundry list of other lies she’s told and been caught in in the last 10 years but I didn’t want to make this initial post longer than it already is. By the way, she buys her followers on IG.


  1. Raas! I thought she and Jimmy were married and she was mad rich because of him. Though i don’t think he will leave her broke but…will the lifestyle continue? I wondered how he allowed her so much freedom, wondered too if with all that if was cheating. Anyhooo mek mi gwaan read cause this is a loooot. Sender beg yuh send us more on here life. Look how she use to bash Sherece, now…

  2. Metty Oo. Beg yuh more stories pon her, this nuff but mi sure there’s more. Since she and Jimmy weren’t really married per this story, how she talking about divorce? She nuh have nuh sense? If the marriage wasn’t legal, why behave so and risk losing di “bag”?

  3. Sherece,is that you👀. I see you’re still harboring feelings since that little Instagram spat you had with Rivka😏. Life is too short to be bitter dawlin. Live your life as best as you can,as being a bitter Becky doesn’t suit you😊.

  4. First me a hear bout this person,thought it was another Jamaican being a disgrace,anyhoooo keep us updated. I did realize her face looks kinda not normal

  5. she looks so fake. I saw people calling her out ON her page about the fake stuff she posted , she ain’t it my love .

  6. My Lord! So how do use my post from Reddit and not credit me? Hahahaha! Anyway, I was informed a short while ago that it seems that perhaps Ranisha or Yitz may have gotten the Reddit post deleted but it’s okay. I may make a private group somewhere online for everyone who has tea and evidence to spill. Stay tuned everyone!

  7. Met did you know that Amoi Leon Issa (Garbiel King’s mother) has flown out of the country with no plans to return? Yes Met, shes gone for good.

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