1. Same way she and oneil share one box of food same she and har sister share plate. Dirty scammers who thief everything but grocery.

  2. EXACT same pic wid d pimento kotch in d same position pon d okra near d fish tail to the left…. stop fronting cuz Instagram a out onoooooo
    Anyhoo it look like a di sista cook it, cuz she’s hinting at home-cooked food while Ms Robbas said she’s feeling for this. Sis be good n send her one di u two fish pon u plate, so she can eat d head n Claffy eat d tail…pun intended like dem relationship, Robbas=head, Claffy=tail

  3. Then seerusly now mi can a buy fi $6 grand n a steam sprat my girl GTFOH mi a poor poor sumaddy n my parrot or butter fish whey mi a steam haffi big meck mi haffi draw fi a big dutchie so dem can hold good inna di pot
    No wonder daffy n Robbas look like dem a suffer from marliguts so kmt damn idiots

        1. @Chuetty it look like it is the frozen one dem whey dem sell in the grocery store causen sey the fish dem look like dem get freezer burn and shribble up.
          Robert yuh living inna a fantasy world sir. You copy and paste the same picture on yuh IG. No sah unuh is one set of delusional jancrow wanna be attention hoes. Yuh can buy/teifT $6K bag and cannot even buy food yuh always affi a share. Dats y yuh and claffy daffy always look hungry and malnourished like some dog and goat

    1. Chuetty, dat deh fish dey nu suppose to look suh cloudy; that is usually a sign seh the fish eye suppose to clear and glassy in appearance,l and not look like dat..from mi si dat deh fish yeye look suh mi naah nyaam dat…girl mi aguh treat miself to wa new and bigger dutchie and 23 quart pressure cooka this weekend. Dem gal dem nuh know dem way roun di kitchen.

        1. fe real, if that fish was fresh, the fish eye woulda drop out efta it cook. they are eating spoiled fish

    1. :ngakak :ngakak @Chuety ‘SPRAT FI FRY NOT STEAM FOH’ :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a swear a grung mi reach

  4. Tawkchuet…..Marliguts???!!!!! LOLOL!
    Den “…steam Sprat.”…oh noooo…..DWRCLLLLL!
    Teacha, please to put Tawkchuet inna di kaana fi tann up.

  5. Has anyone ever wondered how meaningless and unfulfilled someone’s life has to be that they post FOOD to get attention? Its completely insane to me that people think ANYONE in the whole WIDE world gives one rat’s ass about what they are eating! How lame can your life be that you think 2 fishes are important enough to tell the world about???
    Real Talk 😡

    1. I post food if the plating is fabolous becoz its my page to do as I please….and my life is very meanigful and fulfilled I might add. Issue here, is them posting the same pic, stop being vile because you dont like them……

      1. Just a question, name five people you think gives one rats ass about your “plating”. Eat yo food, burp, digest and excrete. If you feel like how you plate what you eat is important to anyone, but you, run a poll on facebook.
        Do you care about the plating of my food? Go ahead. See what the results are.
        Real Talk 😡

  6. good Morning met,metters,peepers nd others…
    all mi aguh add tuh did is dat dis smaddy oah know how fi buy fish frm mi see de fish yeye mi know is a damn old fish..yah gotta watch dat

    1. Yuh know your fish Simply..from the fish eye look cloudy, dat deh fish rotten up from the inside out…the minute yuh guffe fry dat, it mince mince up inna yuh pot. Fish eye suppose to clear like glass mirror…when me huh Farmer’s market, dem nuh like me cause dem gaffe turn ova every single fish so I can examine left and right eye

    1. betta dan frenchi a michie boo pon de englang strip all the pot she came out the store wid i cant wid dese thieft

    2. @Anon 11:18am and Sharon whey get dip. Dem know how fi tiefT meat real good :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Mi ago stop come ova ya, because is like unnu no know sey people have pickney fi mind, unnu wah mi drap dung leff dem…I kaint wid unnu enuh, no sa

  8. Peeps one page pan IG send me request when me look pan it a Ishawna a get rinse skatta woman a a nasty har up oonu go tek a peep it name dancehallnice

  9. Mi seh….di bloggers dem ah kill mi oba yah :ngakak :ngakak Mi know seh dem two fryers deh neva know seh ah so much publicity dem woulda get when dem lef di sea :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Hi Met. Is Bobette and her friend Sade still friends. I dont see them out lately together. U know seh Bobette cant keep friends. She look lonely and look like she need some friends to hang out with.

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