Afternoon Met…. so someone commented on this pic & said “Your sister would kill this!!”….. Yuh wah know seh,di idiot goo-goo head,batta ears gal delete di comment & change har caption bout “Who still flag ppl pics”…. She really don’t know how to take a compliment 🙄

7 thoughts on “ROBBAS YUH INSECURE

  1. Why these bitches so inspired by celebs like Apple Dolly sweets dem love kylie Kim idolize by celebs it’s tired you hoes don’t wanna be shit ain’t neva gonna be shit

    1. The only thing I get from it. She expected them to say she would kill it, but if she don’t have the body for it she just don’t

    2. Just like that. And the dress would a fit chunky fi true because she have a female physique.

  2. @10:19 to answer your question it’s 1st a the month THESE bitches ain’t got no worries no bills to pay they past time is to worship celebrities on sm

  3. Court date a come up. Nuh inna may yah… gal one a dem deh ago mek yuh do some time.

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