13 thoughts on “ROBERT WHY?

  1. Humor where are you? :salahkamar thought so :travel

    Bob don’t know what a blowfish/puffer fish/ sour sop fish look like…damn illiterate a use words unknown to IT!

    One thing certain though… bobette look like a ROBERT, geared more towards Cong dog.

  2. Robbas look in the mirror hun & leave dolly alone she’s a 10 any day over you Bobbette . Dolly can wear simple clothes and still look simple and elegant ‘ am not dolly friend but she far can dress down and never look like a man like you low the girl and keep on scamming what you do best scammer Robbas . With out name brand and that mineral mask on you bumpy face Robbas your a man Espcially you two scarecrow looking foot them yuck them can’t bleach no matter how much you rub low dolly and go bend over ms daffy that you call a man .

  3. Robert leave dolly alone , she don’t see or remember you the time u stay fooling with dolly please seek medical advice to see if u could give birth .. How does it feel ??????? Not been able to have a child ?????? Run along boy girl

  4. I don’t see how what she said had anything to do with dolly. Only true unnu know seh she an dolly did ah war mek unnu ah try start up . but if unnu. Feel like a dolly ah tru unnu wah start up again

    1. If yu and a person have war and no peace treaty come bout since DONT SAY OR POST NOTHING BOUT DEM!

      Run along now bitch, that includes @11:50 & 2:03 postings. Bout unu a try fi clarify. Unun is a bunch a rat bat trouble mekkers.

  5. I don’t see what her post has to do with Dolly. The filter makes everyone face look like that. Just a coincidence that thats how Dolly looks in real life.

  6. Uno fake like uno eye lash A DOLLY SHI A TALK soh shut up an gwan goh borrow wah uni.wah fr her meck uno.a chat crap bout anoh dolly

  7. All when me no like robbas infertility is nothing to cuss anyone about. Sweets older than dolly and dont have a chick or a child either. Breeding does not make u a mother. Dolly put her son on the ground when that boy come over. Is that a mother

  8. You ladies stop it! Stop putting each other down! Damn it says a lot about how yalls life going right now. Sad as f**k!

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