1. yea Fed Ex means Federal Express suh she saying she work for federal is nothing wrong ,,,bwoy everybody nd dem muma a duh video to rass

    2. So mail is not governed by the government? Federal Express is a department of the Government just like UPS. Federal Express purchased a great deal of Budget Trucks that they use to deliver mail and packages. Dancehall Pink been working at Federal Express for a while now. She’s on my route and I see her daily. You must not live in the USA or no? If yuh do you stupid and only prey fukree. In order for her to drive that truck she has a CDL license and they make well over $17 an hour with a CDL. Stop tryna sabotage the gal and low har. Unno miserable as shit.

  2. U don’t have a federal job, u work for FED EX ediot.. U don’t even work for FED EX, u work for the sister company Budget that was bought by FED EX and Ur position is seasonal, not full time.. Every time this busted dirty ass chick makes a video she makes it a must to wear her hat to mek d ppl dem seh u gave wok but it’s not like u portray hunny. Sit down.. Guh get custody ah yuh son and tell Zan fi guh mine him only child. 10$ na cut it

      1. I was thinking the same ting. Atleast she have a job and not stealing like the others. Plus she have a ID…..mi noticing how much dem throw that out…lol

    1. So you don’t think mail is governed by the Government? You don’t think Federal Express is a department of the Federal Government? Unno prey fukree too much. You can’t live in the USA and believe that Federal Express is not a branch of the government. It’s mail. Do you know that if you tamper with mail thats a Federal crime and you can do up to 10 years or more for it? Unno dunce bat nuh bloodclaat

  3. Dancehall stink when yuh tun bad gal? Mussi afta d 4 gal dem beat off yuh fren DHQ in front of yuh face and yuh Neva help defend har. Dem seh u try recruit DHQ fi har help wit zan why she cut yuh off and ah bare trouble yuh mek fi har life ah war with everybody. Zan mek me ask u ppl Weh u say owe u ah frm borrow money dem ah borrow or pay dem figit fi pay u 4 party cause if u have so much money to lend out yuh woulda mind yuh son. Stink y u Neva chat bout Rochelle hitting u wit a bokkle few yes back ah Robinson and u Neva defend it, if u so bad u should a defend it then.. Uno love call up god inna uno f**kery..

  4. from har own wuds it seemed like she a mine the man she ah war ova. she said she pay har own rent and har house lok like it want klean look in the background. mi see clothes line in deh wid hanging clothes. ratchet aka ghetto pop down. i see a 2 room apt. cant badda wid dem waste people yah. MI R AMERICAN BAAN AMERICAN LOL. gyal tek 10 seats and tek the bunning. Zaan a batty man and him need to find a job and stay outta people bizzness. SHE A MINE YOU WASTE MAN AKA GET A FREAKIN LIFE

  5. For a yankee she speaks Patois very well…but one ting ah confuse mi…missa man inna di background weh ah chime in every minute :nerd…tree people owe you ova 10 grand and ah rent you ah rent apartment…dem deh kinda money is down payment money *or at least put towards*…next time people wa yuh lend dem money, send dem guh tr8 ah bank ..yuh family comes first…

    1. :ngakak Yeppy di man seh ah “chee people owe him ova 10 gran” Ah wen since testosterone involve inna estrogen mixup. Dem deh breed ah man deh wear slip and camisole…:ngakak Di lady look like she will fight, and him will trace :ngakak

      1. Yawdy, but mi ah sel tuh miself “is who dat annoying vice weh ah chime chime in every minute ah mess up di lady good good speech?”…nuh mumma lashy :hammer … I want to know is weh dem get dem deh big money fe ah lend out go people?…I am destitute fe ah loan right ya now…sir, can I borrow tree grand?

  6. Stinking pink u ugly nuh f**k , u babyfadda own di twins dem yet? Di way u did f**kie f**kie di man did fraid fi own di picney dem

  7. lol Fedex does not = Federal Government AT ALL lol I hate that people have access to the internet sometimes lol. These people are bragging about things they’re supposed to be doing like working, having a place to live taking care of their children. Stop it lol lol

    1. Girl have a seat cuz yuh dont know sh*t. If the think mail is not government unnu cant be living in the USA. Cant be SMH

  8. Zan if u have DAT amount of money fi lend u woulda have more than what u have now. U no have shit america. Uno fi go clean uno duty stinking house and u fi come outta d female business. Dancehall stink u nuh bad, chat u fulla chat. U need fi get custody of u son and come off ah fb..

    1. She’s not a Yankee Yankee Lol she born here that’s about it. Her and her sis are first born Americans in the family but accent goes to show they are rooted Jamaicans …. Great she’s working.. Good for u but Ur not working for the federal government u are working for federal express..
      Just clearing up somethings. It is not a government job.. Yes if the law is broken they have federal crime punishments just like any other job.. … IRS is government, US POSTAL IS GOVERNMENT, not fed ex..

  9. The lady bragging that she got a job what’s wrong with dat a lot of these dancehall chicks don’t even know 2 fill out an application majority of dem just walk & beg from hairdos to hand me down u name it.

  10. Metty soon send enn the real video because some cut out.. Di froglight Enna the back give it to Donna walk foot lol

  11. my girl USPS is a government entity/agency that will considered a FEDS JOB….FEd EX is a private corporation like UPS and dats y dem ah put USPS outta business. For the abbreviation USPS means UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE…..LALALAL

    1. Mi tired ah dem gal yah ah lie bout dem status and wha work dem ah do.. All that gal talk bout is government job when dunce bat no even know no way in hell fed ex is government. Anyway it’s not the job its the problem her ghetto nasty mentally.

    2. USPS is going out of business *or huge government cut backs on staffing* because postal workers are very very verrrrrrrrrryyyyyy rude and have the worst attitude ever. They don’t want to assist you, there is always 1 worker at the counter when the postal line is out the door, they never smile or greet you and always mishandle your mail/packages. The only person I will miss is the mailman on my neighborhood route because he is the sweetest thing since apple pie *and he is foiiiiinneeee as hell*

  12. yall up here talkin about she think she bad, so y not go an inbox the girl fi a fight video it an sen it in so we can see fi we self. roro r u talkin about king n queen dance where both pink n har madda did stan up when the bottle pass her? u too f**kin lie a me go an tell her fi watch her self because bottle a flin

  13. Ediots the girl is not saying she has a federal job she is saying federal meaning she is legal and it’s a job under the law, nothing illegal giving the facts that they don’t have papers they can’t apply to her job that’s why she stated I can’t help you

  14. From u see dem get a Lil status Inna merca all a sudden dem is Yankee bye Felicia!! Go tek several seats bout u a Yankee lol

  15. alright now 2:10a u a take it too far now the ole topic was about her video then u go talk bout her kids now u a bring the mother inna dis. she betta dan me cause all who a talk shit me wodda buss up dan pussyole da long time

  16. Pink a fool from brook and fed ex is not a federal jobs u dumb ass people. Rochelle have a green card she just can’t stop thief like the rest of her family. Two aunty deported for thief cloths and the little cousin get beat to death by him father one grand up 69th street for thief out of Burlington coat factory. They all a waste

  17. To the last mouta massi, mi cuz did finish high school rite? She did finish cosmetology school? So why r u sayin? All unno da pan is FedEx in not a federal job dum asses the point was that that bitch could never get a job unless it was in a hair store ( no ssi no id) gal go suck u mumma n low me cuz


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