0 thoughts on “ROMPING SHOP VS SOUPY

  1. I thought she went underground………….haven’t seen or heard her in a while since the spice video and lock up that went on

    1. morning sweet when mi hear romping and den di next big ooman mi haffi shake mi head and laugh at the same never ends but we need fi see di man

  2. Metti, the one Raga no easy how him find Ramping Shop fi tek that pic with her, him love the controversy. Lol

  3. Morning everyone, yes Met she is better looking face wise, but she can’t trace fi save her life, romping stadium, put soupy in the fridge and freeze the soup nuh hot at all it cold like ice water

  4. Ma, Met, when me dune wid Genie floor polish aka romping Studium weh have little bish up fowl cub, wid her name pan it, the angels in heaven wudda sing diray adoray eternal home sweet home fi me and romping stadium, and mi nah ask Christ nuh question.

  5. Mi typing too fast lol, miss Sally go round the ring as romping stadium nuh have not even a bitch fowl cub. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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