0 thoughts on “RUPTION DI BOSS

  1. As an avid crotch watcher mi bex how im have in hand a hide it.
    Maybe he was too nice, and she know him inna di palms of her hand, maybe is a thug she waan.

  2. Di Video man dem ave all a di Ooman dem a run red.
    Tawkcheut mi fren, mi a beg yu sen a Haych Dee cyamra enna di nex barrel fi me deh baybee! Francis Ford Coppola haffi guh wan side.

  3. YES MET him same 1 very nice looking guy very successful makes u wonder wha mek da cuncubine de go round d ting n bun him wikid so

  4. Thank you Met for putting up Ruption pic. I can now get him easily now…. I hope he’s not mean like the person he’s standing with…. Cuz if I’m going to win him, him better be easy with the money. Can’t bother work hard….
    How mi sound? Lol!

  5. Dwl … Both are sleeping with 100 women around new Kingston , Boston and God he knows else where … Put there is a certain flop singer with a nice ass that rup been f**g secretly. I feel so sorry for his new girlfriend. He is no saint! Im sure there is more to the story about his ex and him … But I love this post

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