Artist Sanchez babymada, dutty Juliet love d young bwoy dem eeehh, As one young’n run out di next one run een, word pon d street seh a bully a buss up har b**y now n she a mine bully rasss him all live wid har now to [Koo d background pics]


  1. How she she fi be Sanchez baby mother and love young boys cause Sanchez ain’t no pup, #scratch me head in confusing# and she no look like owl-gyal neither.

  2. Isn’t he the guy that was being singled out as the one who murdered that young girl in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sometime last year? The Jamaican girl was shot multiple times and died outside her home coming from work.

  3. Speaking of dat..Met did u hear anything on the big swarty bwoy weh did murder di girl…a think him did name heiniken or guiness

  4. Bully Nuh stop deny the ole Oman an a seh him nah f**k it everyday him inna gal problem plus him a hide ole foot and Nuh stop show off this white gal now I guess everyone a dem a get f**k inna them batty

  5. At one point wasn’t she and the babymama frens, they whole circle is confusing , to each is own if it works for them ; I guess

  6. Mi ago grab my ice cream cause mi wah see how dis ago play out cause I guess white gal pon the right and ole foot pon di left go pon him Ig cause him well av har up i wonda if him a tek ole foot money an mine har

  7. Weh mi come fi find out is a from last year him an di barbie girl a linga but she n d babymama tunn fren wah day ya, but e look like him an barbie get back togedda y him now a start post har pic a try style d odda gyal dem, but me nuh know how that ago work out cahh my fren a fren wid bully maine squeeze d black girl weh mase him a d pool party wah day ya, n D duttybwoi have up d two girl pikcha dem pon social media d dutty bwoy a ol wicked even doh mi nuh kno d BM but me a follow her on IG mi glad she move on cah ediot bwoy only use people gyal pickney and a three gyal pickney him av

  8. Which black gyal cause him Neva yet own har but a suh the dutty boy stay plus Nuh she deh wid one a di man dem from diamond exclusive crew and bully find out an shame the white gyal weh him deh wid a who she cause the gyal always a pop ras bottle inna pawty and bully always a kiss up pon har mi wonda if a tru she Nuh ugly why him quick fi post har up poor girl she don’t even know bully a ole dawg a road bully a every body man the gal them need fi left him

  9. Ok Mek mi tell unno di story bully gal weh him av up pon him page Nuh know weh a Gwaan cause she Nuh do road long time now bully an har deh plus him deh wid the black gal weh beat him baby mada one time bully always use the black gal fi keep tings a har yaawd when the f**ka get mase a him Barbie did deh there wid him but is a pitty she Nuh know say bully did a chat har at one point but it look like dem deh back strong now cause a di pool party him did all ova har them too fool plus mi Nuh know a wah them see pon dutty bully them need fi wise up

  10. OMG is this the battyboy bully poor soul try fi look fame in every way. And met wah happen to di man looking girl name lacy weh did a gwann ova her bully from the other day. Nuh she him buy bottle give a di pool party n did a wet her up like she did get move up inna her position. No man mi confuse. Cuz mi hear say she did deh a Juliet party looking like di dog who lost his bone tru bully carry out him browning.. Too much mixy n nastiness with this battyboy plus mi hear wah day him did a f**k di girl name opal n turn round run her like dog bcuz him Neva want di world fi knw say him did a f**k her.

  11. If a the gyal weh him av pon him page she Nuh white just high color and a she alone pon him page rass she av him up pon har page to a Dah same gal deh him leave wid the night him get mase , she an dutty bully belong together cause the 2 a them hype an love dash out money inna pawty them luddy

  12. Suh wait deh how this ya argument change from juliet to d chiney/white gyal last time mi check dat deh gyal deh dont even inna fort lauderdale scene like dat suh if an when she do guh a dance if she a dash out juliet money a wah suh

  13. juliet your a grown woman u fi stop walk n f**k the young boy them cause it don’t look good. you did a f**k the young boy from diamond exclusive and him n bully a fren now u move on to bully thats y sanchez no look pon u because u pussy dont have no principle. met fire reds n juliet suppose to be best friends but juliet set up fire reds gal pon troy from diamond exclusive u a wicked. juliet u keep dance n two day after dance tru bully get the dance money him put up pic with him high color oman u no shame every young boy come n dwindle inna u ole

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