The butler accused of sexually assaulting a New Jersey couple at Sandals Royal Bahamian has denied the incident. American couple – Jeffrey Pascarella and Ashley Reid – accused Moral Adderley of touching Ms. Reid inappropriately in their room at the resort the night before their wedding two years ago. The couple is suing Sandals Resorts for $30 million.  But recounting the night of the alleged incident, Mr. Adderly said Mr. Pascarella requested a few bottles of water, which he got the water and returned to the couple’s room.  Mr. Adderly said Mr. Pascarella opened the door and told him to place the water on the bed.  He said Mrs Pascarella was awake on the bed and he asked her if she was happy about her impending wedding the following day. She replied that she was.  Before leaving the room, he asked the woman if she would like to place a breakfast order, something they had usually done on previous nights. Mr. Adderly said as he completed taking the woman’s breakfast order, she said: “Moral, you’re the best. Can I have a hug before you leave?”  Mr. Adderly said, as he gave her a hug, Mr. Pascarella walked out of the bathroom area and he (Adderly) asked if he could take the man’s breakfast order as well.   The couple have alleged that Mr. Adderly snuck into their hotel suite the night before their destination wedding in April 2016. The wife claims she woke up to find Mr. Adderley next to her with his hands down her pants.  Mr. Adderly, who had pleaded guilty to indecent assault a week after the incident, has insisted he did not sexually assault Mrs. Pascarella.   He said he pleaded guilty to dodge jail time because he had just been recently married. In addition to that, his father had died in the same period and he would not have been granted bail to attend his funeral had he pleaded not guilty.  Mr. Adderly, who was speaking on Eye Witness News Bahamas with Clint Watson, said he and his wife have been receiving death threats from people abroad since the couple’s allegations reached the media.  He said he has chosen to share his side of the story to try to clear his name.     


  1. I believe the butler. I am not saying sexual harrassment is not a problem in the hotels . But I worked with a chain and white people are always over doing it with the staff
    . Not to mention the guests that come to the islands specifically to have sex with the staff. They are kinky
    Time to retrain the staff to be less friendly. Most guest form lifelong relationships with staff but we are going to have to be vigilant with these people.

    1. if you are not guilty then don’t plead guilty. That is what the couple’s lawyer will use against him. Sandals will have to pay up. it might not be 30 million but they will have to pay up. It is a case of two American tourists who both “witnessed” the assault versus a butler who plead guilty. tough case for sandals to win

      1. I dont think you understand the justice system if you dont have the money to hire a good lawyer to fight charges then things could be worse for you if you plead innocent.

  2. What a story, and ironic his name is Moral of all names. These ppl should have a hand off approach with the guests like teachers do, no hugging or touching guests ever. Also perhaps two staff members need to be in the room at the same time to provide a second pair of eyes.

  3. Most a dem ppl deh freaky. Wah she a ask fi hug fah inna bed? She drunk? Probably all did want Moral( :ngakak funny ass name) inna bed wid dem.

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