You I am a boy or drag queen am not even sure man looking sardine tin BC shape sanisha r wateva you wah name mi not even ago ask yuh weh yuh know bout mi sanisha cause yuh dnt know shit neither u nor blair member a u and d battyman deh pon video a argue over Blair not me nor mi nice clean sister no bra member say Blair f*** d batty man barbie and mattana and yuh know enuh b**** and u and him still a f*** a your house d battyman come fi Blair not mines member a u d battyman tell fi let out him man not me and and who and Blair deh pon snap a kiss today after d video leak with him and man in a bed yesterday gal yuh sick stomach d batty man promise yuh man things and den yuh man Blair f*** out d battyman hole as weh d battyman say “when him did a f*** out mi whole and tell mi say him love mi weh u did deh sanisha yah rite pon Facebook bout before yuh point fingers make sure yuh hands clean sanisha yuh hand dem shit up well daub a shit so nuh BC point dem pon mi i born fi b a BC dancer an mi decide fi tek it to d pole b*** .

mi love mi work and proud a it when mi come ja u and yuh battyman and yuh mate d man weh Blair a f***k can com watch mi a taboo plz mi land in a mi mi name mi car and d house in a me and mi sister and mi mother name and rite now mi business in a d making mi nah waste nuh time girl never suckhood never will and nuh man CNT f**** mi in a mi batty it look like Blair a **k u in a your mouth and batty mek you nuh wah left him cungoworm a Nam out yuh stinking ole gal go check doctor wee weng shit house Blair never did a show yuh up but only because a u alone decide fi stay wid d shit up cocky he is wow congrats dudoo ole


  1. Whoaaaaaa that was a mouthful….Anyways deh met mawning and nuh the former dark skin girl that Weh bleach and rink she reach? Lawdddd today start off hot

  2. are these ppl serious right now low self esteem is a bitch, Met this Sanika girl is the same girl yuh put up the other day that said she had to bleach because ppl never use to look at her. So she sleeping with a bisexual dude shows you a lot about her head space and self esteem. sad!!!!!!!!!

  3. And sanisha and blair need fi know say mi well charge fi dem bitch mi pick choose and refuse man if mi want mi a mi own boss and don star mi own show bitch independent to yuh get it member say nuh man nuh want yuh sanisha and a tru yuh accept d fact say blair a batty man dats y u can have him now how sad

  4. Girl u need to let this man go sooner r later u will get something that u don’t like d big A is battyman d new thing in Jamaica y every gal a run den down no sa

  5. “Fret dem” u should a f*** shame fi talk! Kmft mi iggy fi unu batty man ino cause more while unu gwan too much and wah shove unu life style down ppl throat…

  6. What a piece a nassyness. Look whey me live fi see. Jamaican people will do ANYTHING fi material gain. Whey di man dem wid morals, pride, honor in being a man deh? Where are the real women? This kind of livety come with serious reprecussions. Whoa unto them

  7. the two a dem hole shot up, so y fretdem, throwing shades thou?? U, do you u, HIV test yet, d boy say uno needs to, it hot

  8. Dark skin ooman slats frighten over brown man, whether dem bleach or not… Remember dis gal black like tar and bleach herself out to look like a totally different person. If her self-esteem is that low then I think she would willingly phuck a known batty man just because him have “pretty complexion” lol. Some gal need fi go buy some self-esteem from eBay. Most bleach face bwoy ah batty man, that’s known island wide in Jamaica.

  9. Fret dem blair fuk you to suh stop act like ya queen a sheeba n shut tf up unu sick jhoncrow stomach unu wah n f**k ofg all d pretty boy dem pon fbk n when unu hear seh man a fuk dem or dem a f**k man unu gwan like it surprising kmt… n u sanisha weh on snap chat a kiss up blair n a gwan him neva did a show u off to d world but now tru him nah nobody fi tun to him a show u off bcuz a u alone accept him batty man situation unu need god

  10. Me need fi collect back my share a education tax from all English teacher. Not a comma or a full stop fi help me read di dash out

  11. OK so a him name Blair mi always see him with samo tall bottle dem and a wonder why him always have the hat a hide him face…batty fish

  12. Fretdem a gal nuh hide blutclat fuk unu com suck out mi hole feel mi and sum a unu a same thing fuk d boy weh unu call bro unu BC chill mi a more than queen a Sheba blair and mi likle sister did a deal and she cut him off mi nuh hide and fuk mi suppose to right off any BC bitch weh call mi name a wah do dem ded dog ya bout blair fuk blair fuk him mada bout blair fuk unu nuh fi hide and comment nuh bad unu bad so y hide unu life sad eeeee a nuh my fault mi a live better than unu don’t hate yow find a pole like me r go look a job but maybe nobody wudnt hire unu cause unu kudall dunce nuh BC

  13. Nobody nuh have nuh time fi write ntn wid no full stop and after a nuh bibliography mi a BC write mi HIV/aids negative every BC three month mi do mi general check up a slip rd nah nuh time fi argue wid nuh big stinking careless a must unu a d bed weh we fuk pon bout blair fuk me to unu go tek blair and ask him bout dat part brite me and samo use to deh and if him av a storey and it sell like blair say him gay mi nah nuh shame a shame cause a nuh like mi know and keep up and mi nah BC surprise ither nuff man sum a unu a fuk weh a fuk batty to unu feel a d Lil boy dem alone check again

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