Met I notice this new trend again with these scammers everybody know in competition with who can travel the most and who can take the most flights . They don’t travel to enjoy anymore they travel to show off and show up the brands them in another country it’s always a fake competition with these group of girls in reality they really hate each other and jealous and envy each other. It’s all to outdo each other them really sad . Just something I observe . Nothing wrong with traveling and enjoying the world I encourage every one to do so but these girls it’s all for hype and competition they don’t even enjoy the trip they too busy taking pics to upload on Instagram ever second.




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  1. Sender, maybe they’re having a secret undocumented aliens reunion in PR perhaps? IJS

    I just really really really want to know if Apple especially dont feel stuck in America how can one get up everyday to the same life with no GROWTH!

  2. How much of them can travel outside the U.S.? Also the real world is not impressed with things like this, show me your diploma and degrees.

  3. So they all in Puerto Rico . The ugly black one is crysan here mother name Maxine she was deported she use to theif and smuggle drugs she in Jamaica starving whole crysan and her theifing sister shiquanna have up bare nice things them sad . It’s funny how apple wasn’t talking to Christine for months then all of a sudden summer coming she run go friend her up back because she now Christine is her biggest competition and her sister Barbie is trying to catch up wid the clothes they say they the baddest and prettiest gal them uptown and there fans agree . It’s the sane comments from the same groups of fake bitches like fat ass teneisha images she luv beg fren pon ig

  4. Sender takes for granted the fact that one can actually enjoy a vacation while taking pics; that taking pics does not in any way limit one’s enjoyment of a vacation. I commend them on their travels. Too often people are limited to their circles and surroundings.
    It’s a good thing to get out, see the world and explore.

    1. foxy You’re missing the point from this morning on almost every post lol ! …

      constantly going to PR is not “enjoying life & seeing the WORLD” with people that you can barely stand .. As friends they compete to see who can have what or do what or go where or drive what .. they will go above and beyond to prove a point on social media but in REAL REAL life they dont have anything they go back home to square 1 !

    2. Are you slow the sender say them not hating everybody fi travel but them gal yah do it for Instagram they always go Puerto Rico. Christine, Barbie , apple ,Kerry ,bobette and crew it’s all competition with them who have the most name brand, who have the most money, who the prettiest, who can travel the most blah blah blah. They take pics every 3 second and don’t really enjoy the scenery or really take in the tropical paradise there in there too busy finding outfits to flick up pon Instagram . One thing Christine and Barbie can dress and put themselves together but Christine face really tuff like her mother Helen and them very superficial bad bad . They do road everyday fi the grand them dese hoes don’t play . Teneisha images wish she was in Puerto Rico wid them all of sudden she and Christine and Barbie friends boy I tell you it’s always the same group of hoes. Crysan is so ugly she swear she pretty bout pretty gang not with those soup coolers you call lips. Apple you we’ll follow Christine to Puerto Rico and she and her sister look better than you I know you mad Hahahaha nuff bitch

  5. Suh whole on deh, Hawaii nuh part a di great states too….Prob even nicer than PR but a suh it go when yuh nuh know better or maybe them so use to PR that Hawaii is not a thought

  6. These girls are very basic! No credentials no real job no career no business.. Just scamming n teefing! I agree these girls are not going to Paris n Italy n other countries they go as far as there documents will allow them… They are all so fake…but like they say birds of a feather flock together. N apple u are in your late 30s n these girls are in there early 20s go n find your age group plz

  7. Met good day. Off topic real quick. i just had a chance to look at some pics from Kimmy Special party in ATL over the weekend. A pure BBRC mi a kuss ina mi head.What a set a people dem stay bad man! Jesus Christ! I mean not 1 fi save di odda. Kimmy, i loved all your outfits. honey, you were the party. Just an FYI tho. Move u party dem to a dif state bcoz dem ATL peolpe deh is a sight fi sore eyes. No sah. Dem get di award fi di worst dress state. (just my opinion. Unu nuh bada cum nyamm off mi head)

    Carry on with these fake celebs up to tho. Lol

    1. You do realized that decent people in ATL do NOT go to UNUH dancehall vagaban Teggreg Dancehall functions right? We have people that live down here who work their money and don’t believe in giving it to UNUH dancehall fraternity. People who move to ATL normally is for a better life for them and their family who NOT in UNUH Rae Rae and choose NOT to go to UNUH Low life parties. Stop group everyone and do a sweeping generalization because you have decent Jamaicans down here that don’t mix and mingle with the likes of the dancehall massive. Nobody not nyamming off your head but UNUH dancehall elites think everybody who name Jamaican go to Y’all Ghetto Party. Yes, She need to move her party because in ATL is the same set of LOW LIFE SCUM which is all over from NY to LA always go to the same Parties and they normally have the same thing in common! NO FUTURE FOR THEIR KIDS, SAVING BONDS? COLLEGE FOUNDS? Shall I go on? You sound very dunce to think that ALL Jamaicans in the same category of UNUH DANCEHALL PEOPLE WHO BLATANTLY HAS NO WHERE GOING.

      1. Facts! i know way too many jamaicans in Atlanta who doesnt even know where the nearest Jamaican restaurant or club is. They would literally have to google. I’ve been to A jamaican party in atlanta before I believe it was CLUB 426 and can i tell u the levels of ratchetness out dere not normal not one decent looking individual was there !!! not one working class and pare country ass yankee man. Idk why people go to these places HONESTLY. pare country bunkin

        1. Wicked? I moved here from 2003, I have NEVER been to a Jamaican party, Do I go out? Absolutely YES! You are sooo right, The culture here is different, I find it people go to more house gathering than to be in a club. Downsouth is different, the economy is different even if you rent somewhere down here and don’t pay you rent in 3 weeks you will get kick out, So it’s not like NY where you can live in a people house and Judge let you stay in there Free for how long, So they use that rent money to go show off in a dance. Decent working people down here don’t hitch up in a dancehall life. If you ask me as what you said where is a Jamaican restaurant I cannot tell you.

  8. One ting I can say is Barbie work hard fi har money that mi know for a fact. Don’t know bout the rest ah dem gyal yah.

  9. Lawd life is soooooooo funny. It’s crazy how people are on here dogging di dutty dancehall people and dem life style, and taking bout they would never attend these low life ghetto parties but yet di same people that are criticizing the culture are logging on to di same dutty pink wall that mostly di same dutty low life dancehall scrums frequent. If your not bout that life and your not interested in the dutty life style then why log on to pink wall to read di mix up and nasty life style bout di same unprogressive people? I don’t understand.

    1. Typical much? I was the one who mentioned you scums and NOT scrums, lol. Two different words.I know one a y’all would run come defend it. First of all, the pink wall does not consist of only UNUH, Scammers, Low Life dancehall Dunce. Met site brings News, Educational and the one that I come here for on a regular, SPIRITUAL information. Don’t try to decipher the point that I was trying to make and that was, You have decent Jamaicans who live in the US who don’t mixed with Dutty bungle and the likes of YOU! Some of us do come here, go to school, get an higher education and make an honest living, Hence the Dutty Bus that infiltrate the dancehall in ATL does NOT depicted any shape or formed the entire Jamaican community. Dancehall is a semi detached from OUR Jamaican culture, We have soooo much more but I will leave you to go do your research. Hunty, I am NOT about that life however I am one of those Jamaicans who dislike the likes of Unuh Teef,Scammers, bleachers etc. LOL. Is not only dancehall people visit Met site. Lol. KMT. LOL.

  10. Some ah unnu need fi STOPPPPP! And back during f@ck! Practice weh unnu preach and STOP “GENERALIZE!” Not everyone who attend “dancehall” parties are jobless/goalless/scammers/thieves or shoplifters. I know more working ppl who attend “dancehall” parties, than those who don’t, to be honest! Ppl with VERY GOOD jobs, with great benefits, who own their own homes or are in the process of doing so.

    Mi know some ppl yuh si, weh nuh guh ah ppl yawd, or claim tuh seh, dem nuh guh ah ppl yawd, and me it known EVERY chance dem GET, she “dem nuh guh ah ppl yawd, but lay dung inna dem bed and siddung pon dem toilet pon dem PHONE and odda devices, and some rassclaat ‘TORY AND MIXUP AND MISCHIEFFFFFFFFFF weh dem get inna!!!!!!!!!! Yuh wudda tink or might AS WELL dem did ah guh ah PPL YAWD! Den when di jankruh dem done dem talk bout…..Some ah unnu remind mi ah di Ole nawsiniss dem!

  11. And ah nedda ting! Nuhbaddie cyaan guh nuh weh and fall in love wid di place/food/hospitality/activities they participated in there againnnnn????? Unnu need for f@cking STOP!!!!! Just seh unnu nuh like di gal dem and cuss dem if unnu must, but be fu@king realistic meinnnnn! Unnu neva guh ah one restaurant and order supmn weh nice Unnu suh tillllll, unnu start nyam it every friggin’ day or chance Unnu get????? Unnu neva guh nuh weh wedda by unnuself, wid unnu kids or unnu man/husband and unnu make it an annual ting, if time and finances permits???? Eeh?? Suppose is Puerto Rico dem like????? I’m sure the original group of girls on vacay can fly wherever they choose to, if they wish! And weh Unnu mean “dem don’t enjoy the scenery or take in the tropical paradise?” SERIOUSLY!?!?! Like mi seh hate dem/cuss dem if unnu must, but come on man! Dem tell unnu seh dem waan guh Hawaii???? UNNU MUST NOT BE LIKE THAT! End ah di day, we are all humans! Yessss! Blood run through all those girls above! If ppl duh bad unnu talk and if dem do good unnu talk! Whether dem waan be fake/ genuine friends, they are friends or at least associates, and if you and yuh friend/associates/parry/dupes/colloh or however yuh put it plan on vacationing together, would you book/plan a trip to Africa if firstly, you have no interests there, or secondly and most importantly, your friend’s immigration status prohibits such a trip/travel????? MI HAAAAATE WHEN UNNU OR ANYONE FIRST DAT MATTER, DRAW DI “PAPERS” CARD!!! I know TOO MANY ppl with their papers, who aren’t doing jack shittttt with themself or their papers! Some ah dem wutliss like dog piss pon dem! Look how much ppl have papers and STILLLLL cyaan seven or eleven! Many have papers yet no job, no place to call their personal space, no ambition, no drive, NOT A RUSTY PENNY TO DEM NAME, NOTHING, BUT DEM PAPERS!

    And mi naw tek up if Nuhbaddie neither! I’m just being fair! I’m beginning to view the CONSTANT focus on these girls and their lifestyles, among others, as AN OBSESSION NOW! NOOOOO! LIKE SERIOUSLY! Stop and think about it! Mi nuh seh unnu cyaan disagree, look, comnent or voice unnu opinion enuh, but some ah unnu tek dis shit pon A NEXT LEVEL! Nooooo tuh bloodcl@@t! Some ah unnu NUH MISS A F@CKING BEAT!!! Mi haffi wonder if unnu sleep and if so are you getting ENOUGH! Caws to how unnu inna ppl story! Ah play watchman pon ppl page! All dem supmn deh! If yuh don’t like/hate a person, weh yuh ah duh pon dem page or why are you friends with them, on Social Media and inna real life! Caws some ah unnu BADDD dem way deh enuh, up inna di ppl dem face like all is well and deep dung……SOME AH UNNU BITTER! CERASE NAHVE SHIT PON UNNU!

  12. FYI, I don’t party, I am NOT a scammer/thief/shoplifter, I DO NOT BLEACH and I AM NOT FRIENDS WITH ANY OF THESE PPL.

  13. Well PR is not a State it’s common wealth
    And we all in here like a little a little ratchet mixup in our life so we talk shit just like you.
    Anyway BITCHES we ain’t jealous of no trick ass BITCHES, what they do to get money posets no skill, no degree just a sticky f**king finger.
    Why the rass Apple leff her kids home to go share hotel room in PR with her friend who is celebrating her child b-day?????
    grown gal stop run behind little girls yuh baby daddy out a town so who is the nanny?

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