Hi pink wall can u pls post this for me this lady is babyfather mother she is scammer it start off I left son when 7 months I send here 4000 Uk pounds build room in 2019 I’m feeling this year I care two ja because my daughter is sick do medical report with baby father I contact his mother as we’re good I sent her my guest house money this lady really scam me big joke she refused send back my money when go two airport she was they her daughter came collect had no money smh I went over two homestead happy life hq I stayed they 4 days it took me 2 days get ja I landed moebay so far was tried Lino baby father because when I got over his she rob me lol hungery belly took my phone sayin she chari it then she theft my head phones appple my hair and also my clothes they are theftin scammer my baby father came collect me tell me give sister few days all now can’t get my stuff my baby father told me file police report when came back from sation he raped me when I start talkin up he started lies

He cane beg money cook two grand big joke can’t understand how navino got all men run back him scamming women help out his music knowing he has road mangment shashment when took up this dunce has told people I am on drugs really pink gonna send u pic of navino wearin shoes what I paid for gonna send u msg what chat send one random man face gonna send his sister who theft my hair gonna send rape report of baby father and gonna send his mother who scammed me as well lol this bigger than me

10 thoughts on “SCAMMA DEM YERE

  1. Sender you’re a very Exceptional case as such Grammar police grants you an exception enuh…gwaan thru :thumbup :selamat :kr :alay …hopefully he pays dearly for raping you and yuh get back ur money n tings dem….Godspeed Sender.

    Signed Sarge in charge
    Grammar police
    To correct and serve

  2. Lol seems the sender does not know a word of English so she wrote this in her language then tried to use a translator

  3. This is bigger than all of us. It took me a couple of attempts to overstand what sis was saying. That sound like a episode of lie, thief, scam, draw card, and f’..ery. The sexual assault just topped off the disaster. Run for your life and don’t drop no charge.

  4. Gramme police nar do dem job today lol, lady u shuda tek u time fi write/text, cause sorry fi tell u dis neither 7or 11

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