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Good Afternoon Met.Metters.
I am asking you to please post this promptly as I do not want what has happened to me and many others to happen to anyone else. This man goes by the names Corey White and Dennis Blair. He is from New York and is now in Ft Lauderdale. He claims to be an Auction Car dealer with a fake Dealer License and also Driver’s license, which to unsuspecting individuals as myself seems legitimate. This man will pretend to get you a vehicle from an auction, send you info and pictures, and then gives you a price for the vehicle. He then sends you and electronic receipt via Square up and promises to give you a hard copy Bill of sale once he gets the vehicle from the Auction. Days past, stories are told and then he stops answering your calls and text messages. He then resurfaces with more lies and claim his business partner screwed him over. He gives empty promises and dates he will refund the money and produce the vehicle, which never happens. Enclosed are his pictures and copy of the receipt he sends his customers. If anyone knows or has every been scammed by this criminal comment below. Thanks alot for your help Met.
This man has scammed the wrong person because I refuse to sit and let my hard-earned money go to a career criminal. Dennis Remember you have federal charges and also an Immigration case with the Feds. You are not that stupid to play games with me when you know all I have to do is contact these Government agents. Please Beware of this Scammer and Fraud.

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  1. Suh lady why u nuh report im? If u nuh do suh already guh do it. Dem yah parasites nuh value dem freedom, so why not let im be where he is suppose to be, in prison..

  2. Tinan…..sender run some pussC wid di cyar money. She nuh waa lock up di teelie but she a fret pon di money. Simple.
    Now choo she run di front she too embarrassed fi guh mek report in case di facts come out, mine sharp sender married or in a committed relationship. Sender guh tell yu man yu giweh di pussC but is ongle him yu love….DWRCLLLL!!!

  3. Sound like him related tew Famous aka Dane from Bmore. Him stay teefin VA gyal money. Chat bout him have car lot. all now him cyaa tek unuh tew him lot…only pon him old dell laptop. Famous Icon return de lady from Richgal money.

  4. A report has already been filed. I was never in a relationship with this man to Little Willie so plz don’t get rude and disrespectful. Further more if he was my man why would I give him money to buy anything? Isn’t the man suppose to provide for his woman? I did a business transaction. Don’t need to sell my body for a car,I have a decent job that provides me with enough cash. This man provided all the necessary documents to prove he was legitimate,not until I couldn’t get my vehicle and was tired of his lies that I did some deep investivation and found out he is a scammer. Thanks Met for posting the story.

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