Hi Met,

There is a crime spree currently affecting our beloved Jamaica so i’m relaying info that your readers may find useful. Kindly see the attached re warnings the police are alerting the citizens are happening.Not only are they posing as utility workers but i’m aware of two victims in Portmore from another criminal scheme. They pose as garbage truck workers and gain access to your property claiming to remove the garbage and stick u up at gunpoint thereafter.

Kindly note this other scam‎
IF u hear ur pipe outside in your yard running especially at night do not go out to turn it off . The Godless /heartless/nasty and vile crmimals using this to get people to come out they house so they can harm you. Please forward to all family and friends . This is another one of their tactics .BEWARE

Most importantly the infamous bump your car getting u to stop and inspect it. Do not exist ur vehicle if it is hit and you can’t ascertain the identity of the other car’s occupants or its a lonely road.Get the particulars of the vehicle and drive quickly to the nearest police station.

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