Met mi wah u post this fimi so mi can address the big sowah gyal Munzi big p**y whoring gal weh no man no wah all u do a wok and travel to Jamaica go buy c*cky amount a man a Manchester weh f**k u it not even pretty. Bitch u did a look the soldier a history weh neva wah u. U run go set up u ugly friend Davia pon the other soldier then the two a uno fly down go f**k him . B*tch u are a Dog go pick up u big girdle a di man yard weh u lef. All u Davia mad u mad because Soldier boy marry the girl from Mile Gully.



Gal all a uno live a NY like dog uno only pretend like uno a somebody a Jamaica but uno no live no weh a foreign the amount a $ uno spend pon traveling uno should a invest it ina something as uno no have nothing. Big p**y Kess weh a f**k down the entire NY and the (Edited) $ weh you a tek mine Hello u no member seh uno a cousin? Everyone know seh u and Hello still a f**k him no want u . Gal u little low income apartment u nah live good uno just a behave like uno a live good. Kess u own a car a foreign? No all u do a f**k the dance hall man deh fi drugs $ u daughter father no own har a u alone haffi a struggle poor u. All the married man weh u a f**k why u no tell Queenie seh u a f**k har Husband ? Gal u low low bad …

13 thoughts on “*SCRATCHES HEAD*

  1. Sender sound vex bad lol twin Peter look well happy doh. Is wha de girl weh stand next to him hav up under ar frock, it bulgy bad.

  2. The girl next to Peter is Kess they just rally good friends. Sender you’re such a lier. Kess daughter father do takes care of her and Kess have her good up job for years now and live in a 3 bedroom apartment her boys on the honor roll at school. So stop spread rumors.

  3. Twin Peter always look good. Duty Kess u nah stop f**k u cousin? You family tell u seh Hello a u cousin and u still go Jamaica go marry him and him dis u fi shernette and now because dem have problems u run in a pure niam him a niam u out. Kess u log book long u rass u no stop f*k the man dem ina dance. .

    1. Sender you’re a HATER.
      When last you see Kess in a dance?
      Just stop it and go look your own and stop grudging Kess for the little she has.

  4. Hope anno peter sweet dem a war over. That man is a very nasty dutty man. Any dancehall gal weh him no sleep wid raw and nyam out a the one dem weh no want him

    Fight ova man weh mek sense and not these nonsense. Atleast she can fly out , send weh you a go?

  5. Duty fat sowah Monique. Munzi dem finally a dun u now ? Lol stop look the little boy dem and pay dem fi f**k u. No body no wah u. The whole a uno go a Jamaica to marry man none a uno from hills cah find no man a foreign lol

  6. A wah a gwan yasso? Everybody look a way. A wah duh solo tall gal an dat damn ugly white dress bredda deh look very sweet inna him tank… Awww boy

  7. @Latty sollo deh wid di girl inna di white frock fi true?? Me say dat scumbag nuh ave nutten bout him: SOLLO me talking bout that is..

  8. People people a the long gal mi a pree not the man. Michelle no know why dem put up picture wid him the post isn’t about him obviously.

  9. This is so sad the sender Of this post clearly has issues Lool …….. so what if her baby father don’t own the child so what if she live in low income housing why dose it bother u smh all if she working and her job is low pay it’s her life and YOU need to stop watch the girl….disgusting low life female make sure ur life is up their before u open up ur nasty mouth

  10. Mi late how u a tell ppl mind dem business when u come dash out a whole false ESSAY bout othrr ppl sender u miserablr and sour like long time mi hear bout roy an him roomate wah mek u never talk bout dat a mus dem to and a next one wid third leg a have threesome. Full floss dem seh

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