1. The man ask if him eat pumpum. An him said Yes I eat pumpum…suh weh no ago again. Sean u nuh eat it….U nyam it and stuff it. FOH

    1. Here is the proof of how some a unno wicked,bitter n lie!!!

      Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, better known by the shorter version of his name Sean Paul, is a Jamaican reggae artist and dancehall who rose to fame with his Grammy award winning album ‘Dutty Rock’. Born into a family of athletes, sports were his first love.

      He was a talented swimmer and athlete who had represented his country’s national water polo team as a youngster. He was academically VERY GIFTED and attended some of the BEST educational institutes in his country and earned a DEGREE in hotel management.

      Sean Paul went to the best high school in CARICOM.Yuh frigging fiesty fi a come chat crap bout what u not even bother to check out.Sean Paul is Nooo movado,yuh can bet u is a Movado fan.GO SYM cuz no dunce never go wi CHAMPION school yet.Go SYM again n again!

  2. So you a dunce 2, cause you understood his rambling? So earning a degree in hotel management, makes him intelligent? Go pop some pills with him and get high with him.

    1. Why are u the only one who Doesn’t understand his ramblings hmmmm?Being Dunce is typically characterized by illiteracy.Earning a degree of any sort especially in a management capacity DICTATES that u MUST be Literate aka NOT Dunce.

      Imma respect ur civility since it seems u are suggesting he may be on drugs. I’m sure U of all persons will know drugs will make u act the fool but it doesn’t make u dunce. I respectfully Disagree with u n that’s why I told u to Shut your Mouth(SYM),hopefully u never thought I was telling u bout ur mother.

  3. Sean, Sean! Fi God’s sake mek u nuh just admit say u eat? A nuh crime and mi know Jinx lub it bad so nuh bother wid it. Tru u kno the under sheet eater dem inna the industry ago card u with it u jump up no. Gweh yaa eat n nuh badda try polish it nuh mek nuh man stop u bcuz dem a eat to.

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