Florida police have released an unsettling 911 call reportedly made by Kevin Nelson after he supposedly murdered Shanice Smith, daughter of Jamaican entertainer Anthony Cruz, and her mother, Karen Lyle, in their apartment yesterday.

In the 911 call, a man can be heard telling police that shots were fired, before saying that he was the person with the gun. When asked if anyone got shot, the man said “Yes, Karen Lyle and Shanice Smith.”

The police said that an angry Nelson texted several friends to say that Lyle was cheating on him, before shooting her and the 15-year-old Smith. He reportedly covered the bodies with blankets before calling 911.

The 32-year-old was later arrested by a police SWAT team after hours of standoff with police crisis negotiators.

According to a police report on the incident obtained by OBSERVER ONLINE, Nelson was born in Jamaica. When crisis negotiators first spoke to him, he told them that he was “afraid to get hurt” and “I hurt people, I’m a failure”.

Yakum Fitz-Henley


  1. A HOW long him deh a farrin 32 and 40 yr old, him kill and cover them like a something him used to, dem say a mobay him come from so him might used to wa a him a go get in prison, less than or almost a month Jamaicans, the killing in the car park on martin luther king day a mobay them come from, and this ya one again pon a rass Monday again?? a pure rass murdera from mobay, and ppl wid green card with lots of prablems mi jus hear say couple a dem gone home deportee dung deh a tell the tale, then dem siddung a the address we eena the system waiting……. mi body ooooh, some buy ticket and gone quietly, dem money if dem got any soon done

  2. Yuh know seh mi nearly fall off the sofa when I saw it on the news today and they said that the shooting (murders) took place on Friday…he has been walking in and out of the house for 3 days. He covered up the bodies with blankets. He waited till Monday before he called 911 and said shots have been fired…what a sick son of a bitch fi even commit such a sickening act and don’t have the decency fi report it fi three days. Obviously by then their body composition has starated to change…so sad.

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