1. Sender, with any luck she will have a 3 bedroom apartment. so the kids no longer have to bunk up. Also Apple, please no more acrylic furniture. You too big for that now. And how come Gina spectacular not doing the shopping? Home goods too low grade fi Unno? Big celebrity like you fi use interior designer.

  2. The obsession with Apple and Jay Icon continues……I can never understand why small minded people continue to focus on these two non-entity. The sender should probably spend more of their time worry about their kids affair, since the small minds typically have under performing kids. The public school is overrun with these kids that can barely read and/or write…same as the sender.

    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

  3. If she’s not brok she need to sumbmit her marriage certificate & get off the food stamp program. Yes Apple collect assistant for her kids that wos born here in USA her own muma talk so ‘ let public assistance know that your married and wealthy come off New York tax payers back Ms Rich Apple .

  4. Is that the Birkin??? LOL oh Apple strikes again.
    I’m tellin you she following in Bobbette foot steps.
    But she aint fukin with Bobbette

  5. Ok, here we go again with the Apple story, OK like she said he man loves har so give her stacks of twenties that amounted to I assume a lot but why go to the store and give the white man all your money on things you truly don’t need that you only going to wear once most likely… Why not save that money and put down on a nice house for you and the children… Any wise woman would use it to do something with the money that benefits her family, her children, they should want to make sure that their children are living comfortable… I do give it to J-Icon him love him woman and his family doesn’t matter who he screw on the side but with that being said he should want them to be living good and comfortable and stop spending money on designer wear… Get the essentials first and then after go by whatever makes you happy but secure a home for your family that you can call yours and you bought it and then live the high life… Look at the example they showing their children, that money is the most important thing to life and that clothes and shoes and what you wear is the most important nothing else.. IJS smdh

  6. Bloggers are not stupid you look think buying a house is that easy in New York State ???? with no prove of income & steady tax return for a 30 to 25 year mortgage . You see how the bank robbers got caught that broke into safe deposit boxes & they were buying & repair houses boats and cars . Apple you a clown for us you can’t fool hard working people only your dunce crew that you are so called rich fool fool gal Apple .

  7. Met nuh Ez a bc. Apple you putting too much of your business out there. You better dress back Feds watch ig too

  8. You see the expression on the white store clerk face :ngakak she
    knows that’s drugs money for sure :mewek

  9. Apple your not Nikki or Kim . Fe them money would have been fresh from the bank with bank roll paper seal the 20 50 100 . Anyone can tell that’s hustle money . You is a bait always.

  10. I knew it wasn’t too long before this happen tho. Just like she showed receipts to prove to people that her shit is real, she gonna get a new apartment/house to prove that she can afford one. The only thing is maybe the house/apt took longer to obtain, but I knew she was working on pleasing whoever talking abt the attic she lived in and her kids sharing the same room. Don’t expect her to get off welfare tho. Like I always say, JMG mek nuff ppl improve dem life. No I don’t hate Apple, suh di bad mind clap back not gonna work wid me. Mi nuh bad mind in no way shape or form suh nuh badda wid it. It’s only my opinion so share yours if you wish.

  11. the store clerk a look like “dis trash” only poor trash video demselves paying for their goods. apple ur low class is showing even in the ppl dem high end store. and boo dem plates ugly, Versace plates to eat EBT food off, is a no. remember wen toni Braxton did go bruk and come pon OPrah and she Oprah shade har like, “gurl you had Gucci silver ware? not even Me have those.” lol. I hope u eat some humble pie off dem plates

  12. @met mi nuh know why apple followers always a come cuss wi, apple love pink wall because she loves to be seen. Apple love attention bad Suh mi nuh know why them mad. Anyway met up notice all of the scammer them apple, Robbas aka Bobbet ,j,icon, twinny always ask the cashier the price on video always count the money out pon video but never show when them hand the cashier the money and collect them receipt. Met them cannot fool me. Why leave out the most valuable part of the video when u pay the cashier collect your receipt and leave the store. A scam apple a try scam the chasier. Apple get your lame ass off social media old idiot dunce scammer gal. U video all the way to the store and then yuh nuh video leaving the store u know u ain’t paying for nothing a the fake ones u gonna buy a jmg people yuh a try teck fi house or new apartment apple ?? Meck sure yuh son get him own room this time and please show us your children room in full. Boasy bruck gal. I hope u don’t move with that old bed and them plastic furnitures, and that little ugly sofa u got and please get rid of those butterfly give them to boasy dolly to go live with the elephants in her mother living room. Uno is really a set of clowns

  13. Pull out a black card with your govt name and present an American passport and a college degree we will look.. Bitches not even legal and a floss with dirty money. Ppl who should be bragging is busy working and saving and laughing at your broke ass. Payneland to Versace plates… Ok

  14. Apple u have section 8 u can easily rent a house!! Let us c the deed! It isn’t that easy to buy a house banks need tax returns and proof of income in the US! Further more y u don’t go easy my girl! U puttin all your illegal business on social media like u are a millionaire or u have a career smh!! Humble yaself n move in silence

  15. Real chat have me pon the floor a wok . Butterflies and elephant in the plastic coach house what heat .

  16. Apple I dare you to send in the
    Video of you leaving the store with the box of Versace plates. U and Bobbette,a really idiot a Meck uno a mad uno self Suh ? Who cares if u have Versace plates.and Versace pillows ?? And we all know u didn’t buy it u fooling urself apple. U took the time out to video from yuh yard to the elevator to into the store but u don’t video the most important part when they wrap up the Versace plates and package it for you and u leaving the store with your receipt and box of plates. Apple I’m starting to feel really sorry for you. Apple you going to send yourself and poor Jayson to prison. uno remember flippa?? Apple u nuh have nowhere a jamaica to live so calm yuh dumbass, self. Why can’t your mother talk some sense into you if she really loves you she needs tuh. And we all know Sey a nuh Jayson alone a scam people you apple into it also. You get address also to pick up the phones
    You apple use people credit card info and make I’d for them also and use them to shop. Apple wat a way to live uno life is sad. You need to start thinking about yuh 2 children. Remember yuh little daughter nearly born Inna jail because you got caught shoplifting at 8months pregnant and Jayson ran leave you and you alone went to jail. You careless bad apple. But apple who u hyping on ?? My prayers goes out to you apple you need spiritual healing apple and your friends plus stupid Jaydon, who love the hype just like Apple. Apple if you and Jayson continue on this path prison is going to separate both of uno and a uno a send uno self to prison because uno a clown.

  17. Real chat them too heavy to carry plus hope they engrave her initials in the back of them before they deliver to the mansion. Me wok some where before and saw them with engrave initials & date year of purchase . Apple your a want be celebrity real bad with no real assets in life .

  18. Real Chat you are killing me butterflies & elephants/ Apple is crazy is many of them I see go down/ asked any1 about the shower posses back in the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I can’t stand this gal annoying ass voice twanging.You never see the rich and famous people weh have dem legit money ever a flaunt and show off it’s always these broke ass illiterate, welfare birds nah nuh green card dancehall duppy bat always hyping when God forbid dem drop dead a gofundme account dem set up.The feds waiting to make them move.No I’m not a hater or a nuisance to society like these idiots.

    1. Hahaha yes indeed that would be the day of all days,mi woulda inna mi Sunday best oo! It is the thought that counts so not sweating an invite from princess Apple.

  20. Mnl gal a mek har money still… Just put down some fi di pickney dem caah Yuh know di ting go. But everybody ago confess to dem own sins so mek she live har life. Mi just nuh too dig di merging with plastic part still….. but live Yuh life yaw while Yuh can.

  21. Apple are you going to vote on November 8, 2016/ HOOPS I FORGET YOU CAN’T VOTE/OH WELL MAYBE 2020, YOU & YOUR HUSBAND WILL VOTE.

  22. Apple who still use Vasace those damn plates so ugly even her friend bobette got some mo Sah Apple yuh late both you and yur friend need to throw those In the garbage bobette have all the ugly pillows to match wait met I’m gonna find the pic on bobette fb or Ig that y’all could see it

  23. them frightn nuh bloodcloth….a unnu same one set up uunu man cause unnu chat too much..U NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING!!.THE WHOLE WORLD DOESNT NEED TO KNOW ALL YOUR BUSINESS….have some sence gal…fool nuh bloodcloth!!

  24. her whipping out those twenties at the versace store is akin to a stripper whipping out $1 bills at the grocery store……………lmfao……she coulda get some hundreds or even couple thousand dollar bill mek shit look proper…….or at least put shit pon a prepaid card wid a $5G limit…..most card have $2500 limit anyways….just keep two………any purchase above $100 mi swipe card……credit or debit……at least try to make yourself look a little legit……a so ppl inna jamaica woulda class yuh as hurry come up……living proof money cannot buy class, or decorum…………

  25. Do u hear how she sound ghettooo as fuk no class at all. Euuuu she look like a theift n sound like a theift,no proper English to har thing just st8 ghetto gal from any ghettooo gal choose to pick she will fit right in. Gal u make me frown wen u speak. U sound like a drug dealer mule,girl buy who cares we all know ur a text, excuse me theift, so all Wat u proving and showing don’t prove a thing.

  26. apple shit out money and plates them now. so everybody is now going to start posting a stack of bills with plates.
    the moral of the story apple have some of the new York gal them weak. what ever apple post they follow,
    if apple walk and twist they do the same
    if she push up her lips the follow
    lets see who will be the first to start kissing apples ass.
    when apple shit them nam it.
    monkey see monkey do.

  27. Apple Jay gave you forgiveness money right? Check out pretty dime snap chat, I think it’s about to go down in Jamaica

  28. Who the f**k in a dem right mind would wanna follow back a apple really? Must be a mad head dunce idiot gyal. These bitches are Whack and basic as f**k! Apple is not my cup of tea, and trust me she ain’t got shit on me cause I have 7 digits in america. Dwfllllllllll

  29. You can tell that she a never come see,why aren’t you using a card?you and yuh husband are so rich,why haven’t you got a bank card?

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