1. mi a wonda because mi see him a hail a girl pon instagram wah day! Hmm. Mi no really like see ppl break up still cause onppl always end up hurting

    1. She too pretty for him?
      I never understand them kinda comments there – nobody is too good for anyone else (not based on looks anyway).

      He ugly yes and I certainly wouldn’t go for him , but she did.

      Plenty (so called) pretty females love off ugly men. I guess it’s because the ugly men act all frighten and grateful to be with them, so treat them a certain way…..always reminding the gyal and others that she ‘pretty’.
      There are untold women (ugly, average, pretty, or full of unconventional beauty) who don’t have no self esteem and will be with anybody who inflates their ego – others just happen to genuinely fall in love with smaddy wet nuh all that goog looking.
      That’s because a real non-superficial relationship, is based on more than looks alone.

      She may be ‘pretty’ to some, but not to all…the question is what, more than looks do each of them (or anybody else) have to offer.

  2. well its in the star but i agree wit kk…its proably a PR stunt cuz i follow them both on instagram and never once did i see any signs that they were having issues and they post everything…

  3. Is not that she is too pretty for him is the only man that loves her for who she really is because she is a bitch under the quiet he would work overtime to take care of her and she still cheat

  4. A true a real bitch and full a mix up. It nuh look so
    Cause on them instagram pages they seem to be very
    Much together. Me know why all artist male and females
    Have to be either a bitch or asshole. Mek them cawn just chill

  5. Suh if him duh soo much things for her an shi love cheat then why would he want to marry her? him love cheat to!!!

  6. wifey o please i know u gone hate we a woman stop it man unless u a one a foota cammah round dem weh him f**k back a sound box cause y u gone call the girl a bitch dont judge cause the two a dem inna the spot light if she cheats the world would know

    1. Crawl from under your rock, bout world would know! Kmt

      They in the dancehall spotlight and that spotlight alone. The rest of the woelf not interested none at all and majority of the world not even know who foota hype & Ishawna be!

      If they broke up the ‘world’ would not know, coz they ain’t got it like that gtfoh!

      Did you ever think that Wifey and others who wrote similar comment s, May actually know the lady in question and just sharing their own opinions, which they’re entitled to do, with out accusations of speaker box f**k being the first thing hurled at them.

  7. So really and truly now…… Has anyone confirmed if this is a fact or the star is making up mischief? Star is known to make up stories

  8. Yes wonder girl let me tell you this people have them way fi
    Fi do them ting under the quiet so nuh play like you no know. No body have nothing nice
    Fi say about the girl. Apart from she pretty. Love is a strange thing.
    Look when bugle did dey wid him baby madda him ugly nuh rass bit them did dey long she get wey she want and cut. A the money and hype life them want. Maybe a di shame afta
    The box up ting mek har leave. If no truth is in it.

  9. re: link/video @ 7:58 – I have to ask why are so many individuals ewith obvious mental health issues allowed to roam and congregate then film themselves and people ignore the issue like they are normal.

    Them fi get rounded up and taken to Bellevue.

    You know I’m not even joking I see it more abd more in JA sometimes almost entire communities in which people are displaying symptoms of a multitude of mental health issues.

    I don’t say this as a slur, I say it out of genuine concerns for what I am witnessing and for the future of my island and my island people .

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