1. At this point it looks as if the lesbians surpass the battyman Dem in Jamaica. Who else tyad fi see them? Kim come clarify who is the stud inna fi yuh ting cause it hard to tell. Kim you had a man before so what him coulda do you MEK yuh start gwam front?

  2. Di mount ah relationship me one allegedly inna mi need fi refer to dem as relationocean mi neva even know sey wi did deh or shi even go that way. Sender FYI her boyfriend took the pic.
    Though i take pride in having good credit ah nuh every credit mi accept! The young lady happens to be a very successful business owner & also incredibly smart. Sorry to disappoint you sender but she actually bought her own car. Don’t rob di chile credit & geh mi. Would i buy someone a car? Absolutely, because mi love give but mi nuh have cyar money. Sender yuh cudda at least wished her a happy birthday Mi want slap yuh inna yuh back & run because mi nuh sure if mi can fight while you’re here you should try reading Met’s “daily devotion” actually I think everyone should because they’re quite insightful have a successful 2019 everyone reading this & remember “only you can stop you”

    1. :thumbup :angel :cendol good for you to not only speak up for yourself,but another innocent person as well.KPW I Love your sense of fashion, style n wit!!


  4. Mi deh yah fi it tideh. KP come here deh. Yuh deh pon social media under everybody post a give yuh two and three cents. Come ova yah suh and clarify this fi wi deh. :ngakak

  5. Kim, stop it now!!!! We know you a lesbian from longtm so it’s not shocking sey you and Deemy dey. After how Bounty use to beat DEEMY, a doe blame har, but you Kim is too controlling man!!!

  6. Suh oonuh juss a guh ignore Kim answer above and still continue with the fake story.
    Mi love her reply tho.

  7. kim u a liad u a fuck er to , so stop it A wah soh now u a one person nuh tri explain nuthin. But cum a try nuw .

  8. @Bad and Boujee
    So, like me you’re also under every post
    For me social media is to socialize/network. Do I use it that way? Absolutely. Especially being an introvert social media for me is like a miracle because I get to interact without sweating
    bullets. Sigh When I’m on it you’ll know because I’m active. Just like the few times I’ve commented here I use my moniker. Mi nuh inna di ghost thing pon social media because mi fraida duppy
    An Anon up top said I’m a stalker & I’m controllingsomeone reading this a shake dem head saying “I wish she was a stalker” I’m alot of good & bad things but people who have a hard time showing emotion aren’t stalkers controlling? not even mi remote dem inna mi house mi know how fi control I hope both of you are reading Met’s Daily Devotions

  9. @Anon 4:01pm
    Ah July mi baan and dat alone explain di “ly” you’re referring to. I didn’t explain myself, I do not think it’s fair for the Sender to give me the young lady’s credit. I’m simply clearing the air that she bought her own car & for a young lady living in a 3rd world country that wasn’t born with a gold spoon to own a business & purchase a vehicle she deserves her own credit. I’m ok with being called all kinds of mites, a boy a man, manroyal, sexchange patient, etc. I actually find it all comical. Fyi. 90% of things funny to me, maybe it’s a sickness but mi all laugh offa miself. @yardie thanks for the compliment and to the Sender Deemy has a Spa in Kng you should support her or if you’re living overseas buy a Spa package for love one in Ja. Support small businesses as much as you support mixup #balance till mi farwud again big up oonu damnself and remember to check out the Daily Devotion section on the site

  10. So all of you who are contradicting Kim’s statement know more about her than she does herself, huh? I’m certain that you do not know her personally but are just regurgitating the same tired rumor that someone else maliciously started. She was bold enough to step in here to refute the lie and yet most of you remain steadfast in your beliefs. Sad!

  11. @Marie
    As expected Sweets is doing phenomenal She has recently ventured into health & fitness on a professional level which is an avenue she has been very passionate about. All this while overseeing her baby & planning on going back to sch. Sweets issa fighter & with that she’ll always be good good but mi nuh undastan how yuh ask bout Sweet & nuh ask bout har baby Parisyuh rudeLol,

  12. I thought one of them mention a while back that they were family? I don’t know how Kim a do networking and don’t have a proper business. Y’all are too red eye. First you were all up under Bounty’s woman post. Now you gone to his ex? All you dancehall people need to figure out what is it y’all want to do. Every year y’all have different besties. Is why you stop want to hitch up under Bounty’s woman? Because she doesn’t have enough resources? Are she curve you? I am not trying to kill your dream but get serious what is it you really want to do? Every year y’all on ig and Twitter a network. And after two or five years nothing come out of those wasted years energy and time of networking. Get serious with y’all life’s and stop want to hitch on to ppl because they have earthly things. Kim it’s a good thing you are reading met’s daily devotion while you at it send it over to your next besties Spice

  13. @Anon 10:22am
    Hopefully I’ll get my act together & a proper business will manifest but it behooves me as to why wanting to be an Entrepreneur is considered red eye. That’s very toxic of you to think that.
    You should know just like not all Jamaicans are the same, not all Dancehall ppl are the same, to you I maybe a terrible representation of Dancehall but that doesn’t mean all Dancehall ppl share my views.
    I’ve had Twitter for yrs & still do but i seldomly used it then & seldomly use it now. However, I wasn’t under the impression that replying to people via sm was considered being nuff or hitch up unda people. It would be nice if you could enlighten me on what Killa’s lady & i were networking aboutbecause i have no recollection. Never met her but she seems really nice I don’t know how interacting with 2 women who allegedly was/is with the same man is an issue. Just like i have no issue being friends with women that once dated/dating a guy i was with. FYI i’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many people in real life & not just sm (from TV/Radio personalities, Industry players, people involved in Politics, etc) but haven’t because of a phobia that has to do with my speech impediment, which is why for yrs I always went back to Waterhouse when I go back homebecause everyone/thing is familiar/comfortable. So, when you see me being active via sm just let me enjoy it
    I don’t know who you are, I don’t care who you are but I’m talking to you like I would talk to a fam/frnd. It’s in our best interest to rewire our views and refrain from harvesting negative feelings towards people we think we know. Lastly I do not connect with people for their resources because I’m not a taker, I don’t get that close to people for them to curve me, you use the word bestie too loosely, Killa ah mi fave Artist of all time, Spice already know her Bible (didn’t you watch her recent live?) with that said stay stronger stranger

  14. Happy 2019 KP! :newyear

    There you have it ladies and gents…KP responded and it is what it is…

    Away from Met- she is the only other damn social media person worth respecting at some level.

  15. Anytime yuh can put yuh self together n make a proper sentence, know what u want in life and take a bite at success jamaican ppl try bring yuh dung. U go kim

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