1. Lowe the bloodclaat woman sender. Look like yuh want a f**k offa Nicole enuh. Why you sweating dem relationship so much? Come on now. This stale. All wha a gwan the man nah leff him wife Fi please john public. Get over it. Nicole mi nuh know yuh except on IG…..Go thru gal. Sasco love yuh wid the whole a yuh faults dem same way. Sender a bayeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. Maybe a little annoying, but at least she is helping the future Jamaicans back home, career wise.

  3. The man married Nicole, TJ move on and happy in her relationship, them co-parent pretty fine. Upgrade or downgrade the ppl them move on and happy, sender do the same.

  4. Sender Sender Sender! Then holy spitit knows im not a FAN of Nicole nor the husband’s music! BUt if u aguh compare looks?! The ex and Nicole in the same looks category!! Except for hair quality! But Nicole has the better genes if u wanna go there! Sasco Ex looks like the ugly version of Yendi Phillips in old age! Y u send in a screenshot from a video of Nicole? Heeeey me izzz not a Nicole fallarah but sender u a reach now! Most people nuh too attractive in screenshots from videos u too bad!

  5. Not everything is about looks sender. I can’t stand Nicole but Sasco is a level headed person, him nuh hype, him nuh frightened and him obviously make him choice and sticking with it. U sound like someone weh frightened fi light skin and straight hair house slave behavior. Free your mind from mental slavery dumb bitch

  6. He clearly has a type…. However.. Why TF you think looks alone can carry people?? I don’t know either one of them but can we not rate people by their looks to see if they are suitable for marriage? Be logical sender. Maybe Light Skin #1 mouth smell like shit and her walls need Trump borders.. mi nuh know mi just ah seh.. Maybe she nuh love bade and can’t articulate her words.. mi nuh know, mi just ah seh!

  7. The ex does look like an OLDER AND NOT SO CUTE VERSION OF YENDI…@G u nailed that comparison..I think its about time DEM LOWW SASCO AND HIM WIFE.. ENOUGH ALREADY!! GEEZ.

  8. Mi nuh like Nicole but I would really like to know what’s the point the sender trying to make. Nicole and Sasco married, him and di ex a do well at raising their daughter. Suh a wah??? Now when you send in this, I feel like you expected us to tear dung Nicole if not both women. Take a seat and guh read a book. Nuh use nuh sikes ova yasso.

  9. Not a fan or follower of Nicole, but pls sender let the woman be. Di man married har, dun now nuh

  10. I think they are both beautiful and winning ladies, who have moved on with their respective lives…winning! However, at this point, sender, this is far over-reaching now. One is the mother of one of his children, (who Nicole has embraced as her “bonus daughter), the other is his wife. Leave the ladies alone. From you sending this in, I know you are a female. Neither is a step-up or step down for Sascco. Things happen in life & life goes on. Your contribution here describing how you pigeon-hole them…(where you view them in your mind), is your prerogative, but sending this in is pretty dunce to me. Respect.
    Large Professor.

  11. I’m curious, what is it about Sasco’s wife that some people do not like. I follow her on insta. Her posts are positive, family oriented and never derogatory towards others. She is obviously well educated, highly driven and ambitious. I am sure she has her flaws like every other human being on the planet, so what is the complaint about her?

    Real Talk 😑

  12. Dear Sender
    Try the acronym T.H.I.N.K. the next time you are not sure whether or not you should say or post something.

    T – Is it Truthful?
    H – Is it Helpful?
    I – Is it Inspiring?
    N – Is it Necessary?
    K – Is it Kind?

  13. Oh gosh mi shame fi di sender. Just when yu tink Pink Wallers were going to side wid yu an dun Nicole a you end up looking like a fool. A suh it guh when yu too nuff!

  14. Big up yourself Teresa.

    Happy and in love with a man who RESPECTS her and not constantly cheating, therefore no STDs or vaginosis in your nice clean vajayjay.

    Now that is real WINNING.

  15. So She is friend with the married man wife that Rosie pregnant for?! It look like all the married men them cheating and side chicks getting pregnant.

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