Met I think Kizzy the dressmaker from Bronx is Claudette daughter the one she left in Jamaica cause ain’t no way they all should lookalike so much Tricia and Kizzy favor twin and look they both love young boys like the mother cause Kizzy 38 and jay x 27 Tricia 29 and Shatta 24 Nd Claudette 58 and her boyfriend is 37 y’all be the judge

0 thoughts on “SENDER HOW KIZZY COME IN?

  1. I saw Kizzy put up a pic of her mother the other day when her sister and daughter went to jamaica an is not dis Oman. Senda yuh really have time pon yuh hand eeh,,if yuh did a follow Kizzy life right yuh wudda know dat dis Oman is not Kizzy madda..unu dangerous bad dwl

  2. 5 years apart does not make no damn different, as long as over 25 years of age. The real problem Jamaican man are all boys hopefully after 40 years of age then they show some (AND I MEAN SOME)maturity.

  3. Why is it the older women going for these younger men and for some cases these older women can be there mother more time… it come like a new style now!

  4. Kizzy can tek who she pls why is it a problem to y’all like wtf let the girl live is she bothering y’all damn it’s a New Year with the same shit watching ppl boring ass ppl can’t find nothing positive to say about a Black Woman doing on her own with the talent God has giving her….

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