24 thoughts on “SENDER HOW YUH KNOW?

  1. Met question is who nuh know ??!!!

    Sender you left off

    BATTY MAN !!!!!!!!! Wol a dem !!!

  2. Met I wanna talk about NINNY HYPE first of all the bwoy broke is a shame a wear pare fake jewelry and a walk n tell people bout his shot cost 80k BITCH WHERE even your own friend dem CHATTIN you saying the shit fake ! Ninny you don’t even have 80 cents bout 80K go siddung every week you wear the same white tee shirt with the black graffics on it to Tuesday night and THURSDAY night every week it never fails I just hope u wash it .. Ur bitch ass broke as fck nigga yuh flop

    Durant ravers you gon stop wearing that jeans vest or nah!
    Yuh arm green my yute .. Mi know u claim u a ravers but fix up dat b
    U need a car ASAP stop beg taxi fare it don’t look good !

    Lawd Gadddddd Pony hype need him owna chapter

    Di coolie one alwaysssssss have dat shirt on like ALWAYS comin like bag white appoint unu to uniforms dwfllllll cuz Gad know unu need cloths bad !

    1. Low the yute a bad mind u bad mind they yute no hype from I know that yute in Farin he wrk an buy his own things uno ppl bad mind has f**k big up u self NinnyHype

    2. Sender u sound like u bad mind fi true cause the yute Ninny Hype a one of the realist yute in the Bronx that yute always do him thing an have nuff gal so fine something better to do senders an low the yute them

  3. Maybe I’m a weirdo but when I don’t like someone or when I feel as if some people aren’t worthy company to keep, I IGNORE THEM. I GIVE THEM ZERO ENERGY. They could be in the background of a photo I took, I still wouldn’t see them. Why, if they are all that you say they are, do you continue to pay these folks attention? And if they are as broke as you say, that’s the only payment they are receiving so they will continue.
    Drink some tea and relax sender, save your energy for who/what matters.

  4. Leave the boy dem alone who wanna wear dem shit 29 times wear it who wanna wear fake chain wear it ….leave ppl a Rass lone it’s getting boring now …we all know seh a T send in this fi ppl stop chat abt mouthy

  5. A musssss TIFFANNY Barbie a comment and Lisa ah unu alone dem man ya fck yuckkkk but a who wa fck dem man ya doe??! Dwrcl unu plz stop it broke ass niggas

  6. A true sender a tell all them good for a fi walk and look woman and no have shit bout 4 out that crew look me thank God me never chat to none a them cuz me know these niggas ain’t got shit!!!

  7. Big up uno self white team uno low the yute them bad mind ago kill uno bout the yute them broke the man them can help them self uno black ppl bad mind each other for nothing an uno Bronx wore the yute them f**k all a uno nasty bitch already an clown uno so stop chat an low the yute them big up u self bag white an Ninnyhype them bad mind uno yute

  8. Ninny stop comment cause you broke nah f**k all you do is wear fake jewelry and hype with no money. You come America and play out you baby madda for vanity. You shoes dem fake too go have several seats cause you crawny bad. Stop chat you fren dem business and stalk ppl page you is no one

  9. @Lurker
    You couldn’t have spoken truer words, big up yahself!

    Anytime a person goes out of their way to slander someone and puts energy into trying to get other people to believe the slander as well, best believe the person doing the slandering is envious of that person in someway. If a person is truly beneath you, you don’t see them, both hypothetically and literally, so if you invest so much energy into recognizing and maligning a person, they definetly have something you covet. No one puts energy and effort into irrelevant people, so anyone that you do, you instantly validate them.

    Get a clue, if they’re the dregs of society that you’re trying to paint them to be, why broadcast it? Do you think people won’t recognize it? Or are you try to coerce a perception… ? Go do something productive and lowe the man dem. If they want to drink piss in their cup, it’s their perogative not yours.

  10. Worthless waste mon dem. Talk how Tasha diss Bag White unno don and get her a real money mon. White crew f**d down all BX young gal and skettel dem. Dem money low bad.

  11. the more uno sit n bash these niqqaz the less yall blessings become.. leave di man dem alone. Tasha yu need to stop this yu aguh mek yu daugta hate the end bag white is her fadda …grow up yu a big woman…

  12. ppl block their own blessings den cry n ask god why…stop slandering others even if they slander you…time is the KEY MASTER …HVE N GREAT DAY Y’LL


  14. Please leave Tasha out of this a nuh she send in this leave the b alone Mek she sought out her life it is ashamed. I know her personally she have no hate towards white r friends. To wicked man

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