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  1. U know seh mi think see chooo black dress look nice pon di lady.She look the best outta all a dem.Di lady inna di black and white is she a long time big ooman or a young gyal

  2. Long time big woman Michiboo inna the black & white she need to call har self scary boo cause she tan bad ….

    1. this mus be Richie baby mother who can’t get over him, u need to, cuz a Michelle a di wife. go get a life. a next don’t say it behind ur lap top, when yuh see har say it to har, and yuh see wha happen.

      1. No honey this is Richie life Michiboo a idiot only him baby madda u know dwl
        Ask rich who him a suck lol no green card for Michelle gweh

  3. Wendy Wendy Wendy dash weh you friends if they actually agree with you to wear that dress with the stocking with shoes to match to dance dem hate your ass lmfaooo #hotmess
    Tracey it’s time you left dance and go church, that’s what that pic of you saying . It just doesn’t go anymore. #churchmuch?

  4. mi nah lie tracy outta jail and a beat dem bad.. some gal a road need fi go a jail tek a break fi a likkle while

  5. 1Tanya look nice.2 wendy are you loosing your mind. 3 tamara look nice. 4 best ok 5. Michiboo you look horrible no Mirrior or you just dont care. stay home man.6 Tracy dress nice shoes oh no

  6. Stay bad Michiboo weh always look like cold cornmeal lumpy porridge u Nuh she u dnt stay good …all u a hype bout u young boy him a gi u bun till u all a bun up bleaching Naah do nothing fi u u need fi sleep at night cause the bag them under u eyes soon reach the size of a potato ….

    1. a Mek Michelle a hurt up ur head suh, it look like yuh get couple f**k from har husband and get trick, yuh think him did a guh leave har fi yuh rite? oh god, mi feel it fi yuh, a suh it guh doe, a time fi yuh move on now. cuz har HUSBAND not leaving har. him young, she old, u young(I think), so why is it he’s not leaving har for U, but for some reason dis sound like di big red baby mother, if a really u, mi feel it fi yuh bad, cuz wi know yuh and Richie story, cuz di man nuh wan f**k yuh, him can’t see him daughter, smh. yuh need to get over Richie now, don’t u think bitch.

      1. After Richie Nuh waah Michiboo she a just fi thief clothes & mine him
        Life all unuuh weh par wid har …ask Richie who him a f**k now yep him Nuh stop lick out mi batty so Michiboo sit dwn …plus all now u can’t get the green card omg thanks fi clothes & feed him cause a me & him a spar more time ….no I dnt have any children for him a me him a swipe now so die slow stay bad big jaw, bleach out, lumpy , saggy big body man royal bitch Michiboo

  7. Wendy nuh look good no more because Bubbles teach her how fi dress. Bubbles use to even give har clothes. But Bubbles nuh give her no clothes. Wendy nuh have no new name brand clothes. Bubbles give Wendy advice on everything even where to live. SMH. Wendy You nuh look good. You need to retire from Dance hall life. You look dry up.

  8. Tracey what happen to you and Kerri. well Met i heard kerri was to get married and tracey come from Jail and tell Kerri man say she have man wid him the bwoy left kerri and all these things

  9. The lady in orange looks very nice she has features of Angela Bassett but di oman inna di third picta wey hav on di full white she’s the oldest and the ugliest cuu pan har face it hard like concrete!!!

  10. Rotten teeth Tamara, stinking breath Bess & day ghost Michelle no more sharing lipstick if unuuh can’t buy go thief

  11. Tracy a recycle a bridesmaid dress doah. Long time mi nuh see Wendy pan yah, a weh di Chanel purse? and yes, dan outfit is tragic. Di pink lipstick trend ova, a shades purple a dweet dis season

  12. @ anonymous (Tracey shapebad) it’s so funny how if showed this post to Marlene Deva when she was doing my hair and she almost burn me with the iron saying that’s Tracy she write like that and she said she wish she would of busy ur ass. U need fi talk how you give Paul the STD u so cute and don’t have a man fi urself. And I was also informed he doesn’t see his child because he don’t give the girl $ whoever that BM she is smart if she wanted him she would’ve of been calling him to come get the child so she can f**k I heard he is the community man. Michboo Marlene said memba when u was pregnant and calling her crying. Oh well she turned her trash over to you. Oh well GN happy with my hairstyle and gossip time with the Deva,
    Bye Met

    1. oh god, poor marlen, a miss she miss dem, di gal dem hate har like wha, lol. could a talk till uuno weak, nothing nah change, tell marlen fi memba say Kendall di gi har di same std two time, and she Gio home guh gi Mickey, why Tracey if want man if har self when di ppl dem man love har, tell marlen the time she a gossip wid u bout ppl who nuh chat to har over some five yrs, I hope she nah f**k pon di husband like how she use to f**k and suck pon mikey and Kendall . and best belive miss lmao, as soon as yuh leave out a marlen dutty house she did a chat u too, tell marlen get over now and move on. and as for saying Tracey shape bad, now that’s a joke bitch.

    2. at lmao, tell big foot marlen say she have all right fi know fi a Tracey right dis cuz a nuff gal Tracey use to cuss fi har over kendall. u said marlen say she wish she would a busy Tracey ass( maybe u wanted to say buss Tracey ass) marlen can’t fight or cuss, and one thing mi sure bout Tracey would a stab up marlen ass, Sade woop marlen black ass like she was her child, and then take her white shoes and f**k marlen in her eye and she had to take it, Michelle and marlen WAS NEvA Fren suh get ur story right , but we know we know marlen love to act big suh she might say it fi true, tell f**k box marlen guh be a better wife to dis man. marlen didn’t even know who she got the std from that’s how much man she did a f**k. and as fi Paul and di BM, dem lucky, Paul money a fi Tracey , she shouldn’t guh have nuh ugly lil Pickney . the should a jus gwan tek f**k, maybe him would a still a come round. lmao.

  13. @ anonymous 9:49 yes dutty Sharon a you come now. u must know if Sade meet me because a you did a hold on pon me mek she lick me thats why i shoulda kick you down.michelle you right say me and u nah fren ask Richie Why. Tracey u a talk bout ppl pickney look pon ur son him want good clothes and loose weight. tracey you talking bout my husband u sleep alone everynight, tracey talk how u borrow my Louie bag fi go jamaica.

  14. R u f**king serious Wendy… this is a no no no no. Hot mess. The girl in the Black dress looks cute. Best and her old woman crew look OK. Tracey Champion…looks like the Mother of the Bride in that big woman dress and she DOESNOT look like NOBODY Angella Bassett.

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