SENDER;-Dolly why your tires and rims and look so worn out but you have all name
Brand tings . Why you never take your son to Vegas with you and the baby daddy. the rims look dead and you have designer bag and shoes . Unno hitch up in One small bedroom nah make no sense .


  1. Met the pic with the car and the balled out tires would of been the better pic where did pic cum from

  2. Sender why does she need to bring her child to Vegas? What I can say is that half of these dancehall ppl don’t do anything with their kids. Mi neva see dolly, kfab etc ah nuh water park or any kids friendly places with their kids yet. Their main focus is clothes and it’s not ah good look and makes one question their parenting imjs.

  3. Sender, if you and your man went away for your birthday, to a place like Vegas , would you take your baby who’s months old with you? Have common sense now.and if she had taken the baby, you all would say she’s a bad mother.

  4. Sender stop your nitpicking….allow the girl to live her life as she sees fit!!! Tires, Rims…..Those are obviously not high on her priority list! WHERE IS THE SUSS, jealousy maybe, but no Suss!

    Safe travels Dolly and family :cool :cool :cool


  5. Here weh me no like with Dolly, Dolly you have TWO sons, why must you act like you have one! You remind me of those type of mothers that prefer the child of the father they’re with, me can’t stand unnu kind!

  6. Sender why???????????

    Thought we all came to the conclusion that the Dolly stories are no longer entertaining…..

    Dolly will stay wearing those brand name shit, live in her moms house until the end of time…

    Dolly will stay f…. that Kewsi boy until she realizes that college funds aint cheap n she need a responsible supportive man.

    END OF DOLLLY!!! moving along sender..


  8. Dwl send are you obsessed with dolly? Really really sender what’s really the issue here I’m confused lol kmft

  9. What is there really for children to do in Vegas? Party, Shop & Gamble?
    Better you did say take the child to Legoland, Disneyland or Sesame Place or some such

  10. Side Story: Since is people who like wear fake clothes. It was on News in JA, Monday I think that Customs and Police raid Mannequin Pieces in Central Plaza and clean out all the fake sh*t dem was selling and lock up smaddy. Nuff entertainer n media people were wearing their “pieces” and bragging on SM…..Mi did know dem stuff was fakeeeee and a sel dem so dear.
    So is not the Chiney people dem here alone who selling the fakes

  11. Sender leave the rass gyal alone where did you get that picture!! it not on dolly page look at the default picture real stalker a car was mak to drive on the road sender get a life

  12. Omg Dolly that’s you ????????? :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :tabrakan: I mean without all the filters :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  13. I saw the picture of dolly old benz the rim rusty ,chip up and the tires worn down .
    Poor DOLLY always embarrassing herself.
    Next time DOLLY watch yuh back ground when taking pictures .

    Kwesi and dolly unno nuh shame sey unno only can post pictures in hotels and resturants and cant show any pictures inside unno humble ,jungle wey unno live with 1dozen elephant into uno mother living room.

    Dolly and kewsi unno life fake ,sad but it entertains us because we get a good laugh when we see both of you taking pictures in your hallway or on Instagram

    Stop the fake clothes,shoes,bag,GLASSES and belt buying.

    Kwesi where is your car ?.
    Kwesi where is your apartment ?
    Dolly where is your apartment ?
    Dolly and kewsi where is your kids room?

  14. A wey unno fool ,fool people come from bout kids dont go to vegas .vegas is not only for shopping and gambling so shut up.
    People actually lives in vegas with THEIR children.

    Dolly is rich and she is a celebrity she could have brought her baby sitter to kerp the children when she going out at nights with kewsi. Lol.

    Kylie just took her 4month old baby on vacation .kids do go on vacation .

    Dolly children needs to go on vacation with her because that little 1 room THAT they live in they need FREEDOM.

    No body hate DOLLY and kwesi we just amuse by their FAKE, boasy bruck life.

    They chose to show off online and
    we chose to judge ,
    criticized and
    find them guilty of defrauding the public.

  15. Now this sender is just bored and need a little attention…… Lets you a 2 mins sender!!

    Why the hell would you take a baby who is a couple months old to VEGAS??????????????????

    Vegas is a SIN city: gamble; party; drink; live shit in the streets (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas- use you imagination now sender).

  16. Agree with couple posts; we have NEVER seen some of these “party going” ppl take their kids anywhere…..

    Say what you want about APPLE… i always see her out and about with her kids (pool, Disney world, coney island, water park u name it)the gal mek sure her kids stay fly and enjoy life…… Gwan through Apple!!

    All the other gal weh a try copy a this you fi copy…… spend time with you kids, take them out to do kid friendly things not just shopping Kfab a u mi a chat.

    Never see u do anything constructive with your kids, you always up inna di party n nothing more…well a lie…. see u gone back to school and renting a little basement in the Bronx…. good move

  17. Real chat and the pic mii did send it neva did a post the tires and rim dead like dog 2 kids and she neva take them to go buy ice cream mi don’t even know where met get that pic da cause I never send that one in she is flossing so hard but her rim and tires are dead rotten and gone like her natural skin color

  18. It’s on her Instagram page the tires are dead the rims dem rusty the lights are on transmission dead

  19. Da flossing is not adding up Unno would think by now she would get out her and get her own while living so lavishly but she always proves that she is really broke shit don’t make no sense you drive around with balled out tires and kewesi never even bother to help get the tires fixed but dem dance up inna party dolly almost kill her self trying to make Ven mad Ni never see nothing like this inna mi life she don’t have to take her child to Vegas she could of had a family vacation with the man and the 2 kids

  20. Beyonce takes her kids everywhere no excuse Vegas not special we all know she wanted to floss and prove a point as if it would not look nice to snap a family vacation birthday Vegas is not cheap so who she scammed and why isn’t she scamming money for 1 month rent and security and down payment for tires with that old ass car .

  21. Ain’t nothing wrong with going on vacation WITHOUT your kids, especially when it’s your birthday week and u wanna sex down the place.

  22. You guys keep saying the same old line- about Dolly & her living situation AH UNNU GI DI GYAL STAY?

    BUT IT IS SAD that Dolly is a big grown women living with her mother when it is so easy to get an apartment in Jersey, she clearly has good credit cause she got approved for a Barneys credit card so whats holding her back? NOTHING she just carless. with that being said leave that line alone now ya been using it for years.

  23. Maybe she dont want fi fix it up , cause d boy kweisi borrow it goh luk fi him gal dem too much , she only hype her kids dem wen she a look attention from dem father .

  24. Of course the ediat can take her kids to Vegas. Rich ppl do.. when it’s adult time they leave em with the nanny. Ask Bey n Ciara dem. I remember the first time I saw a pic of this girl.., think she was in Miami riding in the backseat of some luxury vehicle I actually thought she at least had a rich nigga only to find out gal live a queens inna are mumma chuck up chuck up house did a multitude of ppl. A nuff DH ppl disappointed me. I thought they had more going for themselves but instead are real live bums

  25. Ummmmm Apple what…??? Apple don’t take her kids out on the regular #1 so stop the bias shit! I can count on my one hands how many times Apple took her kids somewhere. Yet still she is in a better position than dolly absolutely! Dolly , KFAB , Monifah , and some other ones don’t take their children no bloodclath where dem sick stomach.

  26. Who the f…. are you guys to judge other ppl parenting style of lack their of???

    We can sit here and throw jabs and talk BS about these wanna be dance hall, brand wearing, own nothing in the US ppl all day…. they don’t give 2 shit what we think.

    For all those with kids make sure you spend quality time with your OWN kids (teach them, have conversations about relevant issues, teach them financial responsibility the list goes on)

    For those without kids do not follow these wanna be IG fame ppl.

    Kids r the future!!!!

  27. Not because ppl don’t show their children means they don’t take their children places and do activities etc, they keep them away from social media to avoid ppl commenting on their children.

  28. Those that don’t show their children on social media are real life bum as moms. Facts!! Weave, bleaching creams , Plastic surgeries, dancehall hype life, hoe-ing, scamming, thiefing is their life.

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