What exactly is this figure ? A man or wah ? Cuz shi Mussi tink because shi have on brand shi look good ! Look like nuh damn scare crow . Onie stomach real strong doe!


17 thoughts on “SENDER RAPUNZEL IS A SHE -_-

    1. Stop the foolishness please, she looks hideous and then Oney daughter a follow her. Cora needs to stop asap because she ago end up look like Likkle Kim Sad.

      Funny thing Oney nah stop give her bun nuh care how much surgery she do!!!!!

  1. she nor the dawta looks good. the dawta has a nice natural shape, dnt kno y she follow n do body… then she still live in a ghetto betta u did tek the money and rent somewhere cuz surgery really neva mek no sense worse unuh nuh cute

  2. She looks fine to me. Jealousy at its finest. Cora, keep doing your thing. Bun or not, you getting everyting to help you progress. F**k them!

  3. I honestly don’t like the way her baby girl kiss kiss up the father on the mouth every minute. I was watching it on snap and felt so uncomfortable. But hey, who am to judge? Btw Cora your body looks really good and fit.

    1. OMG mi try nuffi think nothing of it but Oney been a complain how every minute Cora gone leave the child and she a call the helper mommy so maybe a di bond between them both!!!! So I will give and take that!!!

      The daughter nuh live in no ghetto missy her car alone is a condo money plus her father builds apartment for a living.

  4. CORALEE TUFF LIKE TURBIT. Cora you are not fooling anyone everything you own is FAKE. Everything, even your relationship with Oney.

    1. Ofcourse a hater wouldnt admit it’s real. If you follow her you will see her shop. It’s all real hun. Maybe congratulate a fellow black woman than try to tea4r her down. What do you have in life you can show?

  5. This skinny look no fit her she look fake and stupid ..she need back her weight too much now mon ..and the filters make she look worse

  6. @ Anonymous 3:27pm …. “Everything BIH! The whole shibang!” Except a tuff fake manly body. :sup2: :alay :thumbup :selamat

  7. Of course Rudy still live inna McCoy Lane and it’s not her Car a di boy weh she deh wid weh live America Car, Oney wotless nuh raas look how much apartments him build u mean to tell me say him can’t give Rudy one? And me see Cora a show off pon snap say him give one and she going rent it out n spin the money n turn it inna three, him Mussi think Cora want him kmt. It puzzle though with all that money n name brand Oney have me can’t believe him still a walk a draw dah long time wooden foot deh, me wah know if him can’t buy one a the new upgraded one weh ppl don’t even know seh a false foot yuh have

  8. Sender mi can read di jealousy in u typing but do u knw jealousy is one of di man cause a high BP so u nd to check yours dem do it fi free at CVS so mek sure u check all di time before it kill u,dnt see anything wrong wid di woman an y u mad bout her brand an no she mek u no hve none stop hate an go CVS go check u BP

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