Met a pleasant good morning to you.So last week it was paris the mutant in europe now another of our known escorts/whores have made it to europe drumrolls…….’tita.She is currently spending her bday in europe while been cheered on by her fans lol. What i find so hilarious is how this senior citizen very openly advertise her prostitution all over the internet.tita dont tell me u travelled all the way to europe to be dehumanised and to be f**ked in all of your holes to go and shop at zara’s.lmao u recruit these young girls to join your harem because u know these men no longer want to buy a used up come bucket like u so u need these young naive girls to market so u can go along for the ride.its no secret u r a pathetic excuse for a mother u whore out the entire caribbean and all u have to show for it is forever 21 and h&m clotHing.everytime u take a trip u Can never go alone as the men pay your fare to deliver them the young girls that u sell .u r not a
boss b**h u r a horse that has past its prime who refuses to leave the can a mother behave as u do how can a sister willingly carry her sister into a live of prostitution.iu r a foul human being tita with no moral compass.


  1. is that Titajecele she a talk a believe Ms. Met she owns La Bliss bar, no she nah hide sender that she a sell crotches a jamdung and a recruit gyal fi har business.
    Wait Tita is a mother get the hell outta here!!!!!!!!!

  2. Her ig is Titajecele and she is recruit for the young girls them a ja. She get fly out to Europe she and 2 other light skin girls nuh man nuh want her old tuff self if only sex a night them like the 2 other light skin girls so because a them sh get fi fly out . But some rich man nuh care bout looks dem deh wid some ugly black gal too so she might can get a buss but is the 2 light skin girls the man them really want but she like the pimp.

  3. Wow I wonder if they not worried to catch disease and that’s if they don’t already have it. Because most of these men do not want to use condoms because they payING you so they want to do whatever. And most of them are the freakiest old Fart. R some fat fu*k. They want anal oral 3 sums everything. Is it worth it? And for what traveling, name brand clothes just fi hype. Paris always leave her daughter every and everywhere. Poor kid probably don’t even like her are know her. I wonder if it’s the same with tita lol

  4. tita is very ugly wornout and old she need to hide the only reason is beacuse of her clientel she and paris is two ugly black bitches they need to fix dem ugly face before them buy clothes

  5. Unu leave the gal alone she a beg unu anything a nuff a unu wah go sell 2 but unnu nuh knw the first step cuz nutting nah gwaan a yard.that’s all unu do sit and watch out ppl life. Who wanna be whores be whores,n who want to be good girls be a good girls.

  6. Lol wow so because nothing not going on here in Jamaica you should go sell your front to the highest bidder. So I guess nothing wrong with them getting an infection or std or leaving their kids all bout the place lol. Dumb twat u r kimmy. And Bella I agree with you. Paris ugly like sin without make up. Hence y she cake it in and wear such great hair. But I have to admit gal has a great small thou

  7. Sad but true….she does sell her self for name brand even her friend remi and sister, its funny how its OK because life is hard in ja they think it is fine to sell their body to the highest bidder just to wear cloth or get a stamp in ur book…its been known that she has been whoring for a long time even when she was with Francis she was carrying her friends in the bedroom to sleep with her and her man so its easy for her to sleep with these men out a state with her frens for a dollar or a bag…her bar is known in Jamaica as a whore or sex shop she imports girls to sell f**k in the bar.. a lot of men talking about her last I heard she was pregnant but I haven’t seen any belly yet so what did she do with it? But she’s an escort so who would be the dad? So I guess she isn’t gonna carry it because of the shame of not knowing…she has a daughter that is very pretty won’t deny that but at that age she is how does it look for u to be skinning out on ig in the name of trying to get attention from these perverts so she is going to think it is the normal thing to sell her body for clothes….both her and Paris have something in common in the name of fame and fortune they sell themselves to the highest bidder even if it means having to f**k 3 men at the same time…its known facts that la bliss bar is a f**k shop a guy once told me if I’m seen there it means I am a possible target for a man to approach and ask how much? Women need to have morals and pride what about an education and hard work to achieve what ur heart desire…what are you teaching ur daughters that it is OK to f**k your way to the top? Drake would say started from the bottom now we here…. but tita you started from the bottom and you still there literally the bottom of the barrel..scum bag wise up get a life that your daughter can be proud of. That’s just my 2cents (pun intended).

  8. So what it’s her body she’s free to do what she wants I love me some tita what they do is their business stop hating bitches go find something to do

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