Me no understand weh me just hear weh spice say when she meet nuffy she was 13 – 14 right but when she met him she was with one a the richest man in Portmore uno help me hear right deh if a dat she say ?

Who is this John Wayne who used to fvck Spice when Nuffy met her ?

Shouldn’t Spice be R Kellying him rn ?

14 thoughts on “SENDER SPICE WILL LIE FOR FREE -_-

  1. So if she was with one of the richest then why she couldn’t get him to set her up and pay off the stage to make her perform. Instead she was waiting for Nuffy.

  2. Splice sounds just like Presidont Chump.
    She says, IF I should say blah blah blah.
    Then she definitely says she WAS with a grown rich man.
    Then she says A LOT of people don’t know blah blah blah.
    Chump’s always saying A LOT of people don’t know.

  3. Spice you use to live next door to john wayne’s drug house in breaton. You use to hide and sex him out a hellsire from you a 14 or younger. The man had many houses so no mek it look like you and the man live out right. He was still hiding you. A couldnt the baby mother and the browning mek you hate yourself so. John really traumatized you to the core with his fleet of women.

  4. @ Met this story is a lie. At 13 or 14 whatever age she was referring we were in 8th or 9th grade.. Gracie wasn’t fucking any rich man from Portmore! The only man I know that she used to fuck when we were in high school, was her stepbrother. Her mom was in a relationship with a man that had a big son. He was probably 30! Grace if u were fucking a wealthy man. How come we use to have to share lunch? How come when u used to in Ashe fi the likkle time u were in it. U never had money for bus fare.(wouldn’t the rich man give u money?) Grace tell the truth and shame the Devil!! (I’ll just stop right here..) kmt

  5. Spice a u owna mouth ago be your downfall, please me a beg yuh!! If a Mona a set u on fi do these things TAPI cause you no think before you talk or maybe u deh pon drugs? Which is it? Please me a beg you, when doing anymore interviews send them the questions to ask you because dem know u a fool and dem know every string to pull to get u talking the things and u play right in them trap cause a likkle mouth! Me tell you a ready TAKE BREAK!!!! After this feature with star ends go pan a hiatus from the media please! Focus on your craft and come back! Me love the videos and songs romantic mood Shot!!! But me want a more diversified Spice

  6. Clearly she did a fuck a top man from she 13 14 that’s all she seh what’s the big deal if 12 year old a have baby a Jamaica. She nah lie she a talk seh she fuck put cuz she a fuck from she 13 lol

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