So everybody is praising the police that found the 10 million dollar and gave it up. First of all he was doing is job smh. We recently learned that there is a DEATH SQUAD in the Constabulary Force. Police who just walk round and kill people pikney (so when people come on News and say Police murder people innocently that mean some of it was true). Then before u know it 10 million dollars drop out of an armored security vehicle with four men on board. The vehicle can not open from outside and i think the money should be in a vault or something and not just left careless in the vehicle. The door opens and the too men in the back didnt notice and the door miraculously close by it self and again nobody notice. Coincidentally a police was behind the van, found the money and give it up. Wasn’t there a woman there as well? why her identity is being anonymous but the police being praised? All now i dont hear nothing about the men being arrest. UNU REALLY TEK JAMAICANS FI IDIOT!!!! Them try KERN SPENCER case before KARTEL because they know people will be talking more about the World boss case than The corrupt politican. Jamaicans need fi wise up.

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  1. Points taken…death quad is like the CIA, they secretly kill criminals.

    Now with INDECOM going hard at the police, civilians think they can get away with anything with a police. yesterday a man stab a police in his neck down town police shoot him after. about 2 weeks ago taxi man attack police with cutlas, police had to shoot him as well, police have families too and with the recent attack on them what should they do.

  2. i notice dat several person on this site like to talk shit they dont know about. the taxi man with the cutlas dat was shot by the police was an act of disrespect by the police. the police stopped the driver n he didnt stop right away, he ended up stopping a few feets away from the police officer n then the police pulled him out his car n started to beat the driver with a baton n in self defence the driver tried to pull out his machete out his car n thats wen the police shot him, these so called enforcers of law are blatantly abusing their power n have no respect for civilians especially those of a lower class in society. i bet they would try to drag a business man out his bmw n start to beat him with a baton in public

    1. In the video i saw where the police was on the ground with the man fighting, he was practically beating up the police so in defense he shot the man. Police tell u stop, u dam well stop, these taxi drivers have no behaviour thinking they should do just about anything

  3. A business man wud know to comply wid di request of an officer …..yuh a talk bout death squad in a di force! have u not hear about di death squads dat runs di garrisons? Dey are called gangs, dem kill whoever whenever dem feel like….police basically a fi fight fiyah wid fiyah some time

  4. Entertain the notion that the men intentionally dropped the money and that it was by coincidence that the police was present… The expectation was for accomplices of the men to pick up the money that was [intercepted by the police]

    No doubt, the police have not done much to help how they are perceived by the masses and at the same time, we gain nothing by always blindly thing negative–in the light of contradicting evidence…

    The Kern case was nowhere as complicated as Kartel’s case was–cases that is.

  5. It look like everybody figet say Jamaica don’t really have independence because the British are still ruling them. Its best they just beg fi it back cah nothing nar run right.

  6. Death squad. Eh! There is more to running a country than what meets the eye.
    But sender, I have to say I don’t agree with u abt the policeman doing his job therefore he doesn’t deserve a honorary mention. As far as I know it is customary to highlight things like money found and returned, rescuing someone from a burning building etc etc.
    I am so tired of hearing how justice system corrupt and government nah help the poor.
    Maybe we should try to help ourselves ?As far as I can see we are the problem. If we were not killing each other then the justice system wouldn’t even be overworked . Check how much money expats sent to jamaica last year and some those very same expats end up dead when they visited the very ppl they sent money to. Everybody just corrupt is a sad state of affairs. There is money is Jamaica but Nuff ah we greedy, lazy red eye and crave adrenaline rush too rass much

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