SENDER>Stacious, Raine Seville, D’Angel & D.I please learn a new trick

Met, mi jus wah fi offer a word of advise to these female artists weh inna di business fi years and caan get a hit song, but dem name call with every male artist, disc jockey, and producer. STACIOUS, RAINE SEVILLE,D’ANGEL AND D.I…FIND A NEW CAREER!!!! IF YUH NUH BUSS YET YUH NAH BUSS. UNU TALENT IS MEDIOCRE nobody nuh wah si unu. At least Ishawna have lickle talent suh she get a pass. The approach unu tek inna di beginning a unu career leave a stigma weh nah guh nuh weh, it always a guh prevent unu from achieving, especially since you won’t clean up ur act and do some positive things. As a man weh si unu all di time mi talk up to unu and pretend seh mi like unu because mi know weh unu about, but mi nah guh do nuttin fi help unu, especially if unu nuh follow tru and give it up. Some a unu, if not all a mother and still a skin out pan stage. Guh open a store or something. Set a good example fi di pickney dem. It really seem like the competition in dancehall these days as a female artist is fi si who have the worse reputation… And what’s up wid di fake body?





14 thoughts on “SENDER>Stacious, Raine Seville, D’Angel & D.I please learn a new trick

  1. Sender shut u mouth and go nyam ishawna cratches and gweh from yah so… A who u man?? With your lame ass story.. N.E.X.T !

  2. Sender…mi nuh waan read nothing from mi see Ishawna an talent inna di same sentence lol. She have a few song u can whine up to yes, but which part a Ishawna mi nuh see yet nuh deh pon ar body yet. Di amount a skin out an dash out she gwaan wid…a mus joke dis today. Danielle has an online store and Stacious mussi a do personal fitness training so clearly they already got the memo.

  3. I jus read a part of this and im going to say this. Its not only these women that are struggling to get a buss, female dancehall artistes on a whole have it hard. Its so difficult for them that it makes no sense they even try anymore. No matta how much talent u have the man dem wah fck u out same way. And Ishawna is NOT talented plz do not do that. She doesnt write her songs neither does she know how to perform them. All she can do is show up and look good. All a dem inna di same boat, ntn pan Ishawna name cya fix up again so plz stop.

  4. Ikr, U a cuss woman weh a dash out di front and nuh cuss IShawna? Ishawna weh deh wid foota, sex foota co-worker and then sex him boss?

  5. I somewhat agree with the sender. These are beautiful ladies that are talenetd and they shouldn’t have to lower themselves to be in the music industry.

  6. Yow dawg a pum pum informa… Hey bway a waah yuh waah ppl fi ask yuh fi dash out story so yuh can tell all… fassy, wi no waah hear yuh…. if di ooman dem a dash out why u so upset… yuh a fish…?

    Anada ting… some of these artiste may not be a hit in Jamaica, but they have hits in other countries n are requested…

  7. Good day met
    Good day metters

    Who name raine? which song she sing?

    di senda not wrong, and him not only tell dem bout dem undaneat, him give dem advise.

    Nuttin nuh wrong wid skinning out pon stage, cuz its dancehall, and raunchy dancing is a big part of dancehall.

    Dem wear di sexy costumes and dance outrageous fi entice di fans. But dem fi keep all dat pon stage as part of dem act, and stop go round a fu-ck off di island just fi get dem song pon radio. Cuz wi still can’t count 1 song weh nuff a dem sing, but wi can count few man dem mek dig dem out in vain.

  8. Real talk!!!! an dat ago change soon. Dem girl yah naw mek music, yes appearance is plus but song affi mek fuss…di business fi ooman set dat way an a Nuff ooman get rape but Mi wouldn’t give up I would mek song bout it

  9. Somebody please tell me who DI and Raine Seville is cause mi nuh know dem.. D’angel mi know because she is Beenie Babymother and she do the song with Kartel. Staciuous did the song with Mavado but that was years ago. With that said the sender right. Dem need a new career path none a dem nuh count as artist in my book.

  10. Raine Seville is Bugle Babymother. Her career a pick up back right now. She have a couple new songs.she dey pon TV nuff, I guess she under new management.

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