Serena “HIGH ROLLER”,I THOUGHT u and your crew was “bad”???? Lol……met Serena went to so bless Sunday at Garage and the owner from “chillz” who she f**king ,woman give her one big beaten…word on the street serena run like a thief after getting the beat down……She didnt even fight back SERENA STOP F**K THE PEOPLE DEM MAN,CUZ DEM SEH ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME THEY SEE YOU THEY GONNA KEEP BEATING U UP……


    1. I kept telling y’all she f***n Jay FACTS
      But which one of Jay woman dem beat her ass cuz
      Is nuff Jay have Dwl

  1. Nasty Serena yu think it done yet? Mi hear after shi get the beat down all her phone shi run left! Now the proof out there that shi f**g CHILLZ because her mate guh in a de phone!

  2. Serena was the same one wha send in her story to pink wall “POWER COUPLE OF NEW YORK” an shi never remember fi send the next to man shi sleeping with! The way how shi bad shi shouldn’t run!

  3. That big Heffer got beat? Dem huff couldn’t give off a kick? No sah she wutless bad. If I was that big I would have to give a one lick

  4. Serena is just a f***g hore point blank. What her man Mula saying about this lol f**a! Yuh neva know serena a bitch look like u did blind or jeasus afto come open up ur eyes to see like Bartimaeus lol my youth mi can imagine how u feel right now trust mi when man can do stupid shit like that and get away woman cant real talk.u need to leave my lord this is just too embarrassing fi u. Serena is no good so anybody teck up dat piese a shit deh mi sorry fi dem. Everybody serena talk to some form of crases afto reach. No worry u self mula atleast u noh dead or seh send u to prison u lucky just move it quick and fast.

  5. So she run leave her phone and the girls pull it and saw where she was f***g with men. omg dam mula what the f**k like really!

  6. So she run leave her phone and the girls pull it and saw where she was f**ng with men. omg dam mula what the f**k like really!


    1. Lol no…I mean to say I’m sure this owner of chillz have a long list is women….mi nuh know di girl but dem chat chillz owner one time before in a post bout him wuk off all ah him female employees etc.

  8. Mula too licky licky a dat him fi get Serena f**k like dog! Shi cah keep one man. But mula all who cah hear always feel,any man dis nasty evil wicked gal tek dead are guh a prison. Serena nuh have nuh pussy left the way shi can f**k,shi f**k out Jamaica,England and now shi a f*k dung the whole America! Serena my question to you,you’re pussy nuh tired my girl??

    1. Mula licky licky because him did have him nice clean decent wife! And make Serena catch him with likkle clothes,mula a blooodclaaaat CLOWN the man dem a Bronx nuh stop chat and laugh off a him! Him in a dance with this old f**k box when all four five man I the dance a f**k him bitch. Mula yu worthless bad fi still deh wid nasty Serena

  9. Kmt anonymous u know anything about Mula! How long u know him! Listen people must stop watch and badmind the man a longtime mi know him from yard dem man deh useto tings longtime go and do u research who is shawn ok im sure is not a wast man and if man a chat him bout dem f**k him gal a nuf a dem gal get f**k too and mi sure mula f**k nuf a dem gal. People fi leave the man alone and talk bout the bitch. Mula is not to preassure here. Mula ting tuff trust mi u wouldnt even know.

    1. Latty what yu mean “who is Shawn” latty mi a guh say it again big and bold MULA LICKY LICKY it nuh matter what him use to a yard….yard and farrin a two different place mula come a farrin come BOW OUT fi shoes and clothes. In a real life no good man nah sit down with a Jezebel like Serena. Suh when wi a done the whore wi a fi done the CLOWN wah live wid her! And for your information SHAWN is my cousin wha Serena set up man fi kill!! Serena is the BLACK WIDOW kill every man shi tek! So if you’re so concerned about mula you would try to get him out of the web of deceit!

  10. @ Anon 6:04 I don’t think that’s what Saran meant. She mean if the woman a fight this girl fi har man that means a nuh the girl alone har man a f**k, so there’s gonna be plenty more girls out deh fi she fight.

    1. Thank you Needle! That’s EXACTLY what I meant! Sure she ain’t the only one on the side…shiiiiiit the one who beat her probably deh pan di side as well….that’s how these Dancehall stories usually go….

  11. The gal dem wha Serena walk wid a laugh and chat her how the gal dem dust her out! Her own friends dem nuh stop done her. Bout shi keep customer appreciation the same night and take mike an a chat up are mouth people grudge her and she’s the only one keep customer appreciation and give away everything free! Serena you need fi chill out from f***ng CHILLZ because dem nuh done with yu yet!

  12. Anonymous u is the same person on mula name from previous post two months ago. U is just one of mula haters, how u mean mula a clown? Him want fi know u fi buss off u head better u leave the man alone is not a easy boy im tellig u. Because u know nobody know who is commenting thats y u can say that. Mula is not really my friend and im not concern about him but the man noh have nothing to do with this just saying mula prob f**k alot of bitches too so a bun fi bun lol.but look mula dont ofto depend on nobody for shit as far as i know.

    1. Serena aka latty you confused dirty bitch if mula cah buss off your face after how yu walk and f***k like dog. Dutty bitch stop talk in the third person! MULA a big CLOWN two weeks ago when yu a chat to one a the man them wha yu a f**k and MULA THE CLOWN come drape yu up an look how yu STYLE him like dog and him still itch up with you! Nuh real man nah duh dat. Serena we all know you mind every man yu deh!

  13. All these bad comments coming out of Matrix, Marie shop, God bless shop, Rolexx barber shop, tina jet set shop even her her own shop that she work in plus mount vernon and the little naked hungry barber dem weh a hate pon mula because him come and a do him ting. Just straight envy jeallousy and badmind straight.and anonymous what a way u a watch mula clothes and shoes lol beg him some noh

  14. Now she got busted she going to be on top of her voice everywhere in mount Vernon and bronx and her shop telling people what mula did to her and how much mula have girls on top of girls just to justify herself. But look if mula f**k a million girls that doesnt give you the rights to open up ur legs to the world and suck down the place just saying u is a 40 year old woman you f**k as much already u just need to grow up and stop follow u lottle idiot hypocrite fren dem especially parasite annette aka mums who mi hear wid mi too ears a dun yoh and shell u. But i know the prob with u and annette. Annette bleach out and buss up buss up and crawney and old and u might be more real browning plus mi did hear she like mula at one point lol. The amount a gal like off dat deh man is ridiculous. The woman dem just bad yah mula! Her friend JC married puma give him a jacket then leave him and goh deh with new man a dog den

  15. And all now nobody can’t state who beat her up
    Jay have like 5 baby modda ! And 20 side bitch which one of him gal dem beat Serena I need answers uNu tell me if a mad head shackara cuz di way how Jay walk in pan she a f**k LAVA BURN DEM .. Him coulda never really a fck it again fi she find strength fi lick dung Serena. I never see a man wid so many women and they all live like sister wives !
    Jay ah di man ah Bronx to rass lmfaoooooo
    When Serena go to chillz if u ever so much fi talk to Jay more than 2 minutes she start Pree u and all wa war yuh fi Jay me seh u woulda never know dis gal have a real man ! All her mumma she bring up a chillz regla fi nam food. Mi seh if one person ever ketch AIDS over Bronx dem mi sorry fi everybody

    1. Pretty where she fava donkey! Especially wid d hampa batty hitch up pan r back! Dis gal nuh pretty none at all unu wa see R in person ! Light skin nuh mek yuh pretty!

      1. U really hve a hatred for the woman, all ina all gyal face sweet looking from what i’m seeing. Look at her cute little nose :hope

  16. Nasty ass bronx people. The woman who she always bring a chillz to nyam food is not her mother she is friend abother old whore name rowena, a she a real old dawg mula friend nick useto f**k it too and serena did a set her up on one of the nigga from chillz too.but i dont understand NULLY DIOMOND and Jay is friend and him and MULA a bredgine too so him is a next hypocrite againt Mula because Jay can give him free food fi nyam soh him set up serena on Jay and sell out mula.but a soh it fi goh a nuff gal mula meck hurt and ball dem heart out over him soh a dat fi reach him.

  17. Its a lot of angry bitches on here the funny thing is instead of y’all worrying about what she doing go find ya man the next bitch probably f**g him y’all really be tight its 2k16 your nigga could get snatched & if her real friends were there shit would have been real. Most y’all bitches on here ugly as f**k that why y’all salty all the favors in the world and y’all wanna be salty blame you parents.

  18. Jay ah mi friend first off and mi ah man n mi kno fi ah fact seh Serena nah f**k him..ah mash up unu wah mash up di gyal and har man..true some ah uno want mula but uno nuh kno seh Serena nuh need him. LOOK HOW SHE LOOK. Mi all did wish mi coulda get a chance with har. Low di woman n go mek some money

  19. I never seen so much dunce ppl love believe rumors ! If yall wasn’t there then yall can’t say shyt ! All yall chattin bout di girl pussy !! I was there that night.She not even did run..ah dem run left har ! Yall chatting bout she got beat up BITCH WHERE !! Not one scratch or mark deh pon di girl ! She handled herself well and atleast we kno she dont need any friends to back her up like the pussy bitches weh jump har !look pon har instagram n snapchat! Lmaoo and the girls them weh did jump har..none ah uno can fight lol and that was some straight pussy shyt jumping one girl weh defend herself good..the way yall chattin u would think she woulda reach ah some grown ppl but true uno grudge full and envious ah dats why uno waah fight har..she ah mek har good good money and looking good while yall suffering… it bun mi fi har

  20. Only punk ass bitches go around jumping people. If you want to fight the woman, fight her one on one if you feel you so big and bad. Then you can talk shit. Other than that… Shut the f**k up and go sit down somewhere. Byeeee Felicia. Real talk.

  21. Mula shawn nuh stop chat di bitchhh Serena wid mi Frennnnn wah him nahhh stop f**kk him naahhh left mi good pussy frennnn

  22. Is only one woman Mula name can call on and is Nelsa Dimond who have the beauty salon at 241 it look like him like hair stylist Bec i pass him bike out there on more than one accession so if serena f**k Jay from chillz at 241 mula f**k Nelsa Dimond from Dimond virgin hair from 241 so i would call it bun fi bun. News just reach mi ears so mi a broadcast it.

  23. Banks this a fi yuh f***g hater mi neva go a chillz yet don’t even know the owner cause mi nuh f**k regular man don’t grudge me for my bleaching it’s not contribution don’t draw me out cause I am not nice a my pussy and don’t care what mi know a who you be so remember karma and don’t include me in your dirty argument mi progressive always a go a school don’t mind man like you do. So f**k off mi work fine mi self plus mi have a 9-5 at a prominent hospital look a life motherf**r or go learn how to suck hood better I have a career a wey yuh grudge mi fah tek the chair outta mi life and find something worthwhile to do with your time cause while you a put me down me a climb up the ladder of success. F***g nonprogressive element.

  24. Annette mi hear u done serena everytime with my own ears. U marie tasha, teika, buddy buddy, tashie, teina jet set dem and the batty man barber boy dem weh dont like mula for no reason. The people dem dont do unuh nothing on this earth so i eont know y unuh hate dem so much all poor mula who people dont even know like that. All a unuh just badmind and envious and want to see the people dem relationships reck like it going to do unuh no justice. Mula fi stop deal up wid unuh bec mi know as god be mi witness that not one of them dont like him y dem hate the man so much i dont know.ans serena u a big woman if u did love and respect the man u wouldnt put him thru this.

  25. Uno don’t call MARIE name in a uno nasty mouth! Because if MARIE did a chat nasty stinking pussy Serena,Marie fi chat dutty serena all shi want! Because all Serena do is chat Marie and walk and mix up the woman name. Serena remember yu bring Shawn from Jamaica and him tell Marie and the rest a people dem a mount Vernon everything bout yu! Serena remember say the barber them from mobay know yu ex man that you call the Feds on,dirty girl remember say a you send money guh give yu auntie fi obeha Shawn and kill him…Serena remember say yu use to f**k one a the barber from Kirk shop nah call nuh name,and a you same one come back come talk how him f**k yu in a yu batty yu nasty peace of shit! Remember the yu man wha deh a prison fi kill the man a mount Vernon……dirty girl don’t start mi up in a the night yah because mi have yu whole file! Serena remember mi know yu from yu just come a NYC and the amount a man yu tek in a Bronx it nuh normal! Nuh body nuh badmind Mula because Mula a waste man! Every man a laugh off a Mula because him pick up Bronx an mount Vernon mattress!

    1. Bwoy mi know this lady from mi ah Likkle girl. N everything u wrote is all facts. From Jamaica to England n run weh come ah America she is truly the black widow, every man either dead or deh ah jail n the last chiney looking guy she used to deal with kill Di man n he’s in jail for life n was such a good guy and a great father to his sons. N look how he Mek this girl ruin his life. Smh n she quickly moved on with hers. Smh

  26. Suck pussy dutty dwag serena a batta gal fi yuh guh suck yuh maah stink maah any 1 touch dah gal Serena a get duck yuh suck yuh maah

  27. Serena come better than that!! Yu kill off Shawn an tek up a next Shawn! Woieee mi body Serena all yu own mother hate yu,the way how yu wicked and evil,just remember say Shawn that yu kill off tell we everything bout yu an yu dutty life. Anybody wha chat them mother the way you chat your mother,can’t be a good person! Remember say a same way yu use to hype up yu self with Henry yu EX man that you wicked Serena call the FEDS on! Just remember how yu use to flip up an Henry flop yu wicked! Take back him infinity truck from yu an make yu a fi a take taxi every weh yu a guh! Serena remember yu did run weh from mount Vernon two times already,and the way how yu mix up an cah f**k,yu a guh mix up the wrong person an f**k the wrong man an somebody f**k yu!

  28. Mi nuh like serena but it gone too for now man serena live cause mula a f**k n a dis yuh long time suh

  29. Me know fi a fact Serena f**k Jay cause when Mula gwan a Jamaica a she an Jay up and dwn in the Benz weh Mula buy.

  30. Why u people telling all these lies on this Girl omg god be with har smh n how black people fi live good with so much hate lard Jesus

  31. First of all most of y’all commenting on this post don’t know wtf happen, she was in there with young girls none of them was her crew they were just people she hang out with! When the fight started they were half way out the door because they thought she was behind them.. If you wanna get technical none of the lick them touch Serena NONE OF THEM! and she never run left the phone somebody took it! None of those girl even knew what happe by the time them reach over there the fight done so lock unu mouth, y’all grown ass people be soooooo aggy and love watch people business. Serena is an independent girl Weh have Tings for prove how hard she work ya just be f**g hating.. The hate is real & so wah if she a f**k the people dem man ?! Man fi get tek cause if the roles were switch a gal wouldn’t think twice to do it to her. A next thing she have her good up man why ya mad tho? True she clean? Abayyyyyyyyyy!

  32. I wanted a piece but mi change my mind …granny always tell mi seh “its not everything that’ glitter is gold”

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