0 thoughts on “SHAKA AGE QUESTION

  1. Yuh know ah can true,them is just some big tuff turbit,all the two up top fevah female wrestler,them always look older than them age!

  2. Who waa kno shaka age gu ask r……wat r u really fishin for….foh…..lef r an r age to rself!!!!!!!!

    Yes me ah defen me fren, chuckoff!!!!! R party ah come up…so all publicity is good!!!! Gwey.

  3. Wat is really wrong here mi nah parshal de girl look good nothing na wrong wit shaka..mi no herr true she bron july ,9 1981 in king county hospital she an cool girl

  4. She bron july ,9 1981 ova kings county hospital low de girl unno run outta dem other ppl fi chat mi na parshal chaka is a kool girl de dam girl look good man da ppl unno fi chat unno nah chat dem

  5. I no herr shaka is kool unno no see all shaka love is her weed and money talking bout money i wounder if posh paid her de money wa him get beat up fA.. dem losss nigga dem worthless posh posh

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