Hello met these two Ladies despite what you might think, I really admired their friendship they sat the bar really high when it came to being best friends no lie a chuut maw talk. Big extravagant baby showers and birthday parties let’s not talk about the lavish birthday gifts they both contributed to each other and children. They even dated Friends of friends. I really use to wait for every birthday just to read the post and comment on how I admired their friendship. Ladies it don’t look good. It don’t f**king look good to be disgracing yourselves like that Shakera I’m going to start with you because you are older than Kim from what I herd not sure if it’s accurate but I herd yall fall out over you sabotaging Kim and being jealous all the time. I never got that from you when y’all was friends but I usually say to myself anything one have they both seem to have. Like I said that’s what I’ve herd. Shakera I know you have lots of enemies and people always say beware but I always think it’s because you are beautiful why people hate on you so bad plus because you always look nice. Whatever the falling out was for Shakera & Kim you guys should of never went and cry to social media. Shakera you were wrong to put out the videos of Kim which is not nothing like ray j s*x tape but that’s very cold and you can go to jail for that. Kim what I don’t get with you is why you act like you are nice and quite you are not because the way you talk do not match youre face at all I thought you were more calming and chill sound like a ghetto gal. Ladies you guys called yourselves bestie how the crap did it reach to the innocent children pictures being posted both of you are a disgrace I don’t care who start it you both did it very low life and trifling. All I’m going to say is both of you are mothers were friends for x amount of years very unstoppable. I know you guys will never befriend each other again after this but I hope it done because parents getting dissed, exes, sugar daddies, boyfriends, ex friends, f**k that who care just leave the babies out of it. It’s just sad that two beautiful young ladies had to let the world know when and why the relationship ended on another note if you guys knew each other was so much of a bad friend why was it that you two were friends for so long don’t make sense but I guess you both really know what was the issue take care and never involve children. Life is too short. Shakera you are getting too old for the constant beef with people over the years do better for Christ sake stop the black mailing and back stabbing. Kim you need to remember before the new friends Shakera was there for you and treated you like family she paved the way for you and made you hype so don’t forget that no one knew you before not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but just my opinion. On some real shit yall complimented each other these new females around you two either old ugly or trying too hard (joke) god forgive me but It’s 2017 it’s more to life than disgracing yall self. I’m out.

29 thoughts on “SHAKERA AND KIM

  1. What ah long and boring story like bitch get to the point! No damn good tea here. These girls are beautiful dem really guh dancehall party… dem must be the prettiest girls innna di dance cause di philly gyal stay bad.

  2. Senda you sound like you have mental issues you admire these nasty germs friendship you can have the same thing go look a friend then go lick her pum pum them go order fake bags from AliExpress f**k all the married men and you can be just like them

  3. Is what unno call pretty and prettiest? Kmt dem regular. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they were selling their bodies. Typical dance hall chicks. NEEEEEXT.

  4. Sorry to say These 2 NEVER liked each other. They couldn’t beat each other so they joined each other. Both of them thought they were the prettiest girl in Philly. As a matter of fact Kim was Best fren with Shakky cousin Peta Gaye for years and they had a falling out and she suddenly became Shakky Bff because no one liked either of them in Philly. I can never have any respect for Kim for the simple fact that She befriended Yanice and then turned around and took her baby fadda Diddy and even slept with him in Yanice house. Kim is what you call Bottom of the barrel .. After she took diddy she told him pure lies on Yanice to make him hate his baby Mother. Karma finally reached Kim ,because while she was in Philly sneek Whoring Diddy replaced her with a Educated and independent Woman who was not Flashy or hype. I watched her on Social Media bragging about Diddy and her life While knowing she was Replaced. Kim and diddy left over 2 years ago and up until last year she was still pretending they were still together. Even when Kim ran to Cali to act as if she was living life, they still were not together. Kim lived in the SPOT and hardly saw Diddy. You noticed the only time she put up Diddy was when he came to the SPOT to handle his day to day. Why she could put up a pic every day with him to prove other wise? She did all this acting because she was ashamed Karma whipped her ass in less than 3 years of breaking up Yanice’s happy home. Now Kim is stuck with a baby and no abiding city. She have to run back to her Mommy basement and still calling Daymeon to bring her PLATE A FOOD. Kim, your Pum pum should have more value than a plate of food sweetie!!! Nikki, since you and Kim became Bff lets this be your warning. Kim love to help people with their Man. When SHabba start get friendlier and Cozier with her that will be your Cue that he is gone. No matter how much 3some Kim give you and Shabba she will still want him for herself, beware.. Kim show off bring disgrace and I am very annoyed and upset you called Shakky Pickni Zoo animals. You are wrong and I do not care. She never talked about Peanut in that manner. Keep mouthing off on The internet and I will come finish the book of your life..

    Shakky, I have nothing to say to you other than it’s’ time to grow the F uppp. You have no luck with Girlfirends and you will never learn. No one that liked you or was your friend would ever disrespect your kids like that. If I ever see or hear of you talking to Kim I will personally slap some sense in you.. You are still trying to be a teenager with grown women reponsibilties!!!!! From this point forward please STOP with the 3some and all this extra help for your man. If a Man wants you he finds different ways to love you. How do you expect you Kids Father to respect their mother when she goes above and beyond to please him with other Women?? Does he find a Man for you to level the Playing field when it comes to 3 some?? Well there you have it , You love him more than you love yourself. Please I beg you to Change your whole lifestyle,friends and circle all together. You need friends that will tell you the Truth and not play hypocrite with you. I wish you a better year this year and for God sake stop answering people on Social media because it makes you look insecure and stupid. On another note, count all the friends you fell out with and see who is the common problem in it>>YOU<< stay away from frens and you will have a better life..
    PS. The Live video you made I still can’t see it so please unlock it. okk SHakky. DWL Bless your heart and read a Psalm a day yah..

  5. Obviously, you were deceived because good friends don’t embarrass each other publicly when they fall out. They were never good friends just doing everything for social media.

  6. Nothing is pretty about them them light skin that is what the dirty germs sender is referring too . Them 2 worthless bitches nah hav nothing to idolize go get yo life sender now true friends that have morals and respect don’t fall out and bash each other or have 3 somes that’s not normal them 2 hoes must of been raped when them was younger for them to act like this as adults

  7. Da2 of dem inna competition with other dem falling star you need to go get cameras inma You house and Kim need to go eat some food and stop stalk Diddy go backa go school read a book or something sender you don’t hav no ambition to sit down and type all this BS falling star or Kim write this that’s how dem stay must of took them 2 days to write this

  8. Philly people any new news in Wingy she just drop off the face of the earth and why all now Kelly stop party every day of the week she trying to rekindle her marriage Wicih is fine. what happen to all of her friends dem the ugly sisters don’t come out no more and Kelly trying so hard to get the friendship back with Shauna but Kelly you moved unno cousin in to take her place now Shauna hav to sit in the bAck seat while you go liveliness Instagram and snap dem don’t have cars of them own

    1. Dat Haitian man weh dem leff put a curse pan dem.. it is tooo Ironic.. On another Note. Munchie me know you a grieve but come tell we weh you do to BK meck him a mad ova you soo all of a sudden… Mi hear Seh Muchie gi BK Fren some a di goodie and him tell back BK and Bk VExxx till him go right in front a Neil go confront Munchie about giving away him Good stuff. Dem seh BK ccah sleep . When Gal good gal Good. :selamat :selamat :ngakak I don’t blame you tyah Munchie Bk did a gwan like him never wah own you now him a deaddd..

  9. Mix up shakky you no ramp fi chat munchy how she inna denial because you see wingy and bk leaving voodo dance together in the same car so it look like dem come together that’s why inna voodo dance she tan up round a back not too far from him,shakky you lub bring people name inna you carelessness,who cares,stale news him have him woman a yard and him and wingy deah and him a f**k munchy,and the long list continues,him nah stop walk and f**k,munchy me hear say a furnish room you did end up but me never believe because wid dat deah house web you momma hab a couldn’t do and wid di way fem say you head game good you wulda wuckless fi a suck so fi free.

  10. Keep ya nice name out yuh f**king mouth she and Kim was never friends only matey bitch and we all know Diddy treated Kim like a queen talk facts any woman that nigga with and he love dem get good treatment that shit too long hop off Kim obviously she hurt yuh feelings are maybe f**k weh yuh man hahahahahaha

  11. Bad blessing always gonna fall pan shit up pussy shakera she love chat people children like hers are the cutest not she was the first one to diss Kim dawghta so Kim have all rights to diss up the zoo f**k outta here about that manner and this manner don’t diss my 2 kids unless something aguh happen she went that low cause aunt shit really to diss Kim about y’all mad af cause the gal a live good and gave her good job cleaning shit anybody can do that but working in a school you have to have education dunce bat

  12. Is what happen up here unnuh run out a Tory,much all when you mumma dead you still a talk bout man weh nah contribute a dime to you,no all you want some rass sense where and how the man nah sleep unnuh talk truth now munchy lie lie and more lie you sure a no you a mad web no stop call from Google number talk truth you know you want the man and can’t get him to yourself one thing me know fi sure is that him and that stay bad gal wingy nah stop f**k a regular me buk dem all supermarket me see dem up a Chuck regular to so unnuh might as well join together and f**k each other,both you and wingy a two ediot cause di man no want no a unnuh.

  13. Well bitch first of all if yuh can’t read and write and hold a good educational conversation you cant wuk inna school there are some requirements dunce bat Although a high school diploma can be accepted for kindergarten teachers in private schools, an accredited Bachelor’s degree is a minimum required educational standard for becoming a kindergarten teacher in public schools. Some states require the candidates to have a Master’s degree as well.
    A person needs to have a license to become a kindergarten teacher in a public school. The licensing requirements are different according to the state level jurisdictions. Licenses in specific areas of teaching like reading, math, etc. are also accepted in some states.
    Some states also expect a minimum GPA score and conduct background checks and monitor the person’s teaching pattern before granting the license to teach kindergarten children. Reading is fundamental read dumbo
    Accreditation from the Child Development Association (CDA) is considered as one of the most accepted certifications for early childhood teachers. There are several universities that offer such programs.
    In addition to the regular programs, there are several online distance learning programs which are of great advantage. These courses help people who do not have these courses in their nearby universities.
    Study of subjects like child psychology and communication are added advantages for people who want to become kindergarten teachers, since these subjects facilitate a better understanding of the children and the communication processes that are required for the job.

  14. Wingy look a hot f**kin mess mesh up her 2 grand body weh she come back fa shauna not to mention shauna hot pot crash up all the cement batty pon her batty and the wrinkled face old face wingy look betta by far still

  15. Kemar diamond let me tell u how other day Mi go a festival and hear crystal friend a chat u about she hide and f**k u and u cum in 5 seconds. She a laugh a tell everybody how she was mad at u but she decided to give u again because maybe har good hole make u anxious n cum quick but the second time even worst because u cum in 3 seconds this time. Met u know I stand dere hearing and didn’t want to laufh but I not ago lie I had to. Kemar Mi like u but if u never mingle wid dog u couldn’t rise wid flee.dem little clean floor gal shouldn’t have nuntten fi talk about u.yu want see how she n dem n di man dem a laugh pan yu.Kemar Mi can’t believe u would stick your private enna dem ole shit de let dem get bright. Old dirlty girls.Kemar u private weak or dead fe real?she even say she wil never talk back to u because u wase her time all way from jersey.dem tec it fi joke n laughter de day

  16. Ewwwww how y’all leave y’all self so careless to sleep with all boy like him? Thats that girl’s fault! Everybody a run down hype man…. its all a front! That young lady needs to pick up her pride and not sleep with any and everybody! I hope he atleaat reimburse her gas. These two up top,how the hell!!!!!! Did you guys even became friends? Unuh use that word light tho. People like unuh make me afraid of . Even if unuh friendship didn’t work, you guys should’ve been matured enough to just walk away…. its really terrible!!! You ladies has daughters,what example are y’all setting? My goodness!!!

  17. Same thing I said Shakera is the problem she started last year on snap chat making everyone know she and Kim fall out then she start lick out other friends and now she start back calling up people name so of course Kim now have all right fi buss back shot on her they said once is a warning but two is a habit it really sad but Shakera will never learn I guess the next time around she will nobody and her in philly good everybody hate her for a good reason that bitch is stuck on misery and hate she never got love from her parents so she grow with hatred and anger for everyone that is elevating and successful you need to repent my girl cause you really have a sickness

  18. None of them are ugly some pretty girl pretty inna philly Shakera, Kim, munchy showtime, zulika, veachy,cash,nakita,tyesh Donna gucci

  19. You just wanted to mention the showtime slut buckets cause all them hoes UGLY. Btw Donna Gucci is a grown ass woman

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