Met from she come bk up she nuh stop wear Kfabliquor designers go party. Everywhere She have on Kfab shoes & bag them. And kfab wants to be popular so bad she nuh stop mek Shameless sport har shoes & bag them nevertheless let’s see how long this friendship last…. Shameless put on weight and look nice though


  1. Let me get this straight!!! This is the girl that got locked up for stealing, right?? So how is she out and about, posting pics on SM and acting like she won some medal or something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that her life should stop because of what happened, but my gosh, wouldn’t it be best to just keep a low profile until the smoke clears? Cause if a me…..I would find the biggest rock and go into hibernation. Smh

  2. Why should she stay in hibernation no one knows what happen they are just assuming that she got locked up and so what life didn’t stop because she got locked up she’s still young let you live her life my gosh

  3. Met yuh fi start run weh some a dem ppl yah enuh cause as dem si ppl start look good dem start mek up story pon dem

  4. yea uno lame now, she f**k and teef for her stuff get over it! bag white put her in a lil apartment and the gal dem show har the ropes on how to get teefing goods and store credits come with real tea yawns..

  5. Kfab don’t do this to your ” friend” u soon get your own story stop worry yourself …. uno think we a idiot

  6. Its like everything ppl do bada unno she’s on her live video unno ah class her. So what she’s still young let her live jealousy is a big disease

  7. Nobody cares about dutty K fab all she do is walk and tak white man fi money she look like ah man trap inna woman body

  8. I don’t believe this story cause if kfab did own that shoes and bag we would a see it all over her social media before cause she love to over-share

  9. A sell pussy kerryan sweets a put up di girl true bag white neva gi har ntn all she get a some dead hood an one Gucci flip flops all she need fi go get a place fi har self she a f**k too much an don’t have shit

  10. Met I would like to ask if it’s one IP address commenting 10 times under this post, using a different username. The reason why mi haffi ask it’s because, it’s two post inna one week bout Sham but yet still the Kadeen aka kfab is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion mi all a wonder if a she a send the story just to draw attention to herself.


  12. She use app to make her hips look wide apple fren post bk the pic and her hip wasn’t that broad we kn she has no shape

  13. Since when Tieeefin is part of enjoying your youth?
    As to di comment bout we cyaa even spell her name, if we really wanted to know the correct spelling all we would have to do is google “recent tiefin criminal jail-bud” and look fi di proppa spelling under her mugshot. I’m assuming you know the prosecutor has the correct spelling

  14. As to you Miss Met….please nuh stop post up deeze tieeefin gyal dem pikchur and files. Weh day mi guh ova Tropix and nuh one of di known jail-bud crew weh yu feecha pon di site draw dung pon mi, bout how she like mi and baay f#ÔéČkry. Mi juss push mi han inna mi pakit hol mi wallet real tight and find the exit.
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SEVICE MET….cause if a nain yu mi mighta get took.

  15. lol I really don’t believe bag white put shamiele in any apartment number 1

    And number 2 dem boot deh sell a NYC fi 39.99 lmao like it doesn’t have to be real there are a lot of imitation cruel summer heels and they look legit ! If it’s fake idc it still look good on her .. im not bias shamiele nuh have no ambition and she photoshop the pic as she is straight like arrow she nuh have no shape whatsoever !

    Dem guh bad things party over the weeken and u wa see d one Skye tek out one kile a 1$ bill seh she a show off pan shamiele she seh done gal anywhere she go like seriously nobody even sees these people lmao no really! Unu realize seh when dem girl ya come a forrin dem nuh aim higher than the local drugs man dem lmao y’all all getting left overs lmao aim higher ladies lmao so many real Wall Street rich man in NY yet y’all choose a lame muddy ass life .. same story different bitch it’s like every year it’s a different hoe from Jamaica and bagwhite and pony dem and they don’t even have shit lol like really they have a little change but nothing over the top they not millionaires they just run around with STD’s.

    I honestly don’t see the rush .. bagwhite look stink like he has an odor .. Pony I’m positive is bisexual I don’t care what anyone says …
    one link man dem same thing them a di stupidest set .. they make so much money fast and lose it the fastest because dem deh wid some idiot gal Weh show up dem moves way too much. This is like a never ending cycle getting played all the way out !

  16. @little Willy same suh! Them too bright as if teefing is now a honest legal occupation. Them sick mi .

  17. So wat if Sham got locked up? She paid her bond fee, so wat is unuh prob? It just a go dey pon har record…Just hope she nuh get ketch again caz i knw for sure she naah stop teef and d mileage a run low yah now.

  18. A Zum a tek care a Shamille, she an Zum well an deh good, a whole heap a woman and Zum deh good good. He seems to have a type for unambitious women so he can control them. Yuh nuh see Errice clean up her page and private it, cuz ntn nuh deh deh fi hype bout anymore. Sad.

  19. Why Zum never put Young Ma in a proper hotel? The time him out here spending on these chicks he needs to spend to straighten his reputation.

  20. No sah!!!! Jah know sham don’t have no shame but that’s just how she is at di end of di day it’s her life n nobody can live it 4 her….she is young n we all make mistakes in life I just hope she find her self quick n change her life….I know 4 sure she is educated n she damn pretty so things will turn 4 her

  21. So she really pregnant fi real? I was expecting better from Errice inno met but i understand she a get old now and look on her friend keneisha start her likkle family with the african yute, she goodly did feel a away and want her own. So I’m not gonna judge.

    Met uh nuh see say Tina and farrah stop talk? The one weh bag the white man that make wine? She act like she’s a Caucasian now; Bitch a act brand new as if she nuh haffi a f**k all of the man fren dem.. Ms Cum Bucket. She siddung arnd the people dem at dinner and can’t even add anything sustantial to the conversation all she do a snap and the people them so annoyed.

    1. Mi nuh know why she hiding.Errice people be seeing you :kiss
      Zum wife leave him so maybe she think she can slip in the number 1 spot :angel

    2. When di people dem did send in seh she pregnant she mus did a wonder how it reach yah suh fawseeeeeeeeee…pinkwall know di tings and we does talk zee things

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