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Ok So this has been bothering me for quite some while and if anyone can find out what happen its you. So this young girl was Killed in Montego Bay about two weeks ago someplace call Lethe. They cut her neck and stabbed her multiple time but idk why? From my little research she was a net ball player, sweet girl but why the kill her so brutally? Her name is Shaniel Heron and they wrote an article about her that I can’t read cause its nowhere to be found on the internet. From my understanding her friends are mad at the article. It took a while for them to identify her. Its so damn sad I can’t sleep good. I hope they find her killer. RIP


  1. The Mirror reports on news happenings in and around Mobay that traditional news outlets ignore. They often get great interviews and insights from family, friends, and community members concerning crimes. Their headlines are always attention grabbing. The paper sells like hot bread, mayb yr favorite vendor will save one for u. Too bad they do not have a website.

    1. But the blatant disrespect displayed for the dead in the headline has caused my stomach to churn n so NO IM NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING A COPY AT ANY GIVEN TIME smh how does the family feel about this headline? Boy Jamaica has become a place of cold hearted ppl sah smh

  2. Well it is great that they are reporting what other news outlets ignore,and I doubt any news outlet, traditional or no would ignore such a heinous crime as this, but using such an “attention grabbing” headline to me is a very poor choice for a longstanding newspaper. It is a very callous remark in my opinion. Back in the day you would never see something like this as headline on the Mirror. When since being a “hot girl” warrants and or is deserving of a “hot death”. Jamaica is slowly sinking into a dark and cold abyss when this crop is tolerated and or done for “Attention grabbing” purposes,and especially so when someone has just lost a daughter/family member in such a cruel way. A headline can be attention grabbing without seeming inhumane/callous. I bet if it was the editor’s daughter/sister or even a distant cousin, he/she would not have put that crop on the paper, not even in small print,much less.I don’t know this young lady, but I am a mother, a sister,part of a family and a citizen of Jamaica. @Blackberry, I wonder if you would have written what you wrote,in such a cold manner I think, if it were your sister/family member? Sells like hot bread? It sells like hot bread because people like you supports this kind of behavior. It is not discerning of the Mirror at all or for you for that matter by responding the way you did.

  3. That article title is wrong in so many ways. Its sad I’m here wondering if these people have any compassion for this girl life and her family that has to live with this.its disgusting rip baby girl god soon come

  4. Well, di ongle ting di article tell mi is dat di whole society has truly been desensitized to dese killings. Yes, di article is living proof dat wah likkle bit a respect did leff eena ppl fully gone.
    I am very ashamed to be a long time reader of the Mirror, very ashamed that anybody’s life could be summed up so callously on page one solely for profits. Western Mirror, you are a disgrace to journalism, and to your readers.
    I can only hope for strength for the loved ones and family of the deceased as they go through their period of grief.

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