Shanice Allen I thought u were a good girl. What happen to Chevane Blair?? Yuh really gone pan date wid Usain Bolt Brother and have Chevane sid dung a yard a wait pan yuh. Baby girl yuh good. How yuh do it?? What away yuh mek the man Range Rover a fool yuh. Chevane Van nuh good enuff. What away yuh wah join the Bolt family baby girl. Is this a Kasi Number 2. Couple weeks ago him did a teach him woman fi drive him range and last Sunday you were on Snapchat with Chevane and him madda saying how much yuh love chevane 😄😄😄😄. Be careful !!! chevane look like him love yuh suh till him fool. Feel sorry fi him 😫😫😫😫😫. Tell yuh cousin kaely


  1. Lol that boy is no saint him look everybody and f**k everybody and the world knows so sender do your research him is a serial cheater all mek video one longtime a apologize to shanzi lmao this is too sweet

    1. Facts!!! I can list at least 10 girl dat boy f**k since him and shanzi deh every minute him and shanzi lef cuz a bare bun him give her she said so on snap before so dis no shock me seh she give him it back dwl the sender say “while chevanne sit at home waiting on you” bullshit him a whore like all a dem boy yah these days uno too bias

  2. LMFAO sender please have a seat, the amount of bun Blair give Shanzi it nuh normal him look everything inna skirt why uno think them always a leff? SHANZI LOVE THAT BOY TIL SHE FOOL BUT HIM NUH STOP GIVE HER BUN. Same reason she & Shai Trendii a nuh Fren cause Blair did a look Shai & that whoring gyal never run him, she up to the fuckery. FULL TIME NOW SHANZI WISE UP & RUN MR. BLAIR guh through yaa girl

  3. well based on wat the Metters saing Blair is a bigtime cheater; but she a run up ina bolt whoring bredda who 100 times worst, sadiki no want nobody so how it ago work when u cant tame a man??? crimson chin shanzi too nuff, at least them can have matching closets for all their clothes & shoes. a dem say #goals

    1. Not a damn ting shanzi did too good fi him she have a good future ahead of her idk why she sit down n mek di nobody boy clown her and him did look shai trendi and Amanda fi true lol

  4. So a me one see seh shanzi fava squidword my gawddddd
    She ugly I will give her the body but she ain’t cute man
    She is a gold digger just like the mumma

  5. So mi a pree suptn! All di man dem inna Jamaica and she go hitch up sidda Sadiki! Blair a whore, but Sadiki is a bigger whore! So how dat a go work!? Instead of she go look a good man! She woulda lef whore out Blair fi bigger whore Sadiki fi di hype and things! And all if dem waan play it off like “friends” mi couldn’t mek nobody see me outta road wid him!

    Unnuh try mek har look like she big and sweet and innocent. She show her hand and prove that she no better than the other licky licky gal dem who will run down anything fi di hype and big life!

  6. that boy is a big time cheater..him did all inna chevelle dm and me just deh here a dead wid laugh how she have chevelle pon har face. a shanzi one him acknowledge still.him people dem have little change..i think them own some apartments or something like that

  7. But shanzi look more like she deh wid the best fren yawdie than even the so call boyfriend Blair dem 2 close dnt kn who she a try trick yawdie more match her

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