1. What Shauna really want from Bop? because to me shi luk and sound phoney an di Bop him luk moley wid ah stinking mouth!

  2. Unu fi see di one weh him cock up him foot an say “which mad man can cock up dem foot ina Pegasus, mi an mi baby. Show dem mi big bed”…..Dwllll. Go ova IG and type in “duttyredz” and unu see di rest a video dem. Is bout 4 or 5 video dem have lay dung an hug up ina dat couch ina Pegasus. Shauna u good. Smh.

    1. Yuh see it Willy. Dwlllll. Dem a waste money. But if u take a close look ina fi har mout har front teet want likkle fixing too.

    2. Willie, yuh a gwaan too bad now. LOL. Wha day Tinan seh Gully Bop have stalagmite and stalactite inna him mouth. All now mi still a laff. De wallaz dem full a comedy.

  3. badmind get di best a dem mi seeit inna di pussy dem. dem wyaan si yuh do go but neva betta dan dem. talent goes a long way. 4 months dutty worm ???

    1. Yes Willy. Mi hear one old man say dat a long time ago. Dwlllll. Mi nuh know bout di no teet man tho cause is di tongue do most of di work so I doe know if teet or no teet affect di suckings. Shauna pls to come here. Yuh all ova spcial media but u fraid fi come ova here come talk to we. Whyyy???

  4. But anonymous yuh Ina did ppl dem life too. Whether u are for them or against them u in deh same way. Thanks to Shauna di whole world in deh. So wha u a say den.

  5. Anonymous 10:53…. Mi naw no life dats why mi stuck ina fi dem life. But di whole a we ova yah ina dem life right now. If we say good or we say bad….we still ina dem life. So why u hot fi me. Yuh tink a me teef Gullybop teet dem mek him haffi a gum it at 50. Dem life is s open book. Even if he looked like Denzel Washington she should have had some decorum about the way she handled their so called relationship. U know how many ppl date ppl they work with and no one knows. But she like di hype. She is a true groupie. Her time and effort is spent running har f**king fingers on the internet. She needs to make sure he stays getting paid. You and Shauna come swallow mi. I would say yuh an Shauna an Gullybop but a doe want him near mi pussy fi come give mi gingivitis ina mi nice clean hole. Shauna f**k anyting fi a hype….both yard and abroad. Kmt

  6. why every time this girl a spen quality time wid har ‘man’ she deh pon di phone?
    shauna u an bop just cant hol a vibes without u being on the phone…u look fake

    1. She a keep up wid har 1 million man dem…..aahmm I meam har 1 million fans. Kmt. Di phone is a distraction from di reality weh in front of har. Cause even she cyaan believe she a lay dung wid Gullybop.

  7. U no seh everytime mi see dis dutty woman pan mi screen mi get cross. Where is his children. Dem need fi come and help him bcuz she is just a nasty bitch trying to sponge off as much fame and money off a dis poor man as much a she possibly can. What kind of management is this? Every video mi si har in she in a har phone a do nothing, a siddung inna him lap or wining up pan him. An poor bop him nuh have a gal fi god know how long him just happy fi have one around him. This makes mi cross. Dutty piece a shit gal mi hope u a read dis. U no have NO LIFE nuh no how u family a farrin feel bout dis but if a mi mi wouldnt claim u rass. U couldnt come back round my house a philly nopes. Disgusting.

  8. She and Dhqcrystal from Philly abgoodvfried dem two a Philly whore.. Crystal single a look ppl pon Fb glad her ex boyfriend leave her him too cute. Now you have Shauna weh tek up mad mon dem ppl yah would sell out dem madda fi hype… Nasty ppl them dem f**k dung di whole Philly and arty look hype A JA it nah go work..

  9. She get dip and never can come back ah back a U.S. Now she she a look a come upba Jamaica wid har nasty farrin antics..

  10. Need a poll for nastiness a de year cuz my wurd….den luk how him mouth luk like a de gully juice him suck back outta chin hole nd him five him pussivities..kmft
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  11. bitch keep yuh private life private and stop post it up online
    yuh wonda why people a hate pon yuh, keep di focus pon di man music, just
    use the internet fi promote di music not yuh f**kery yuh tun people gainst
    di man. cut di f**k, wah yuh in it fah fame n fortune or fi help di artist stay round fi mek money in a di long run. if yuh is a clown guh join di circus

  12. Willie mi know but mi never have nutten nice to say bout this. so I asked because base on her actions he’s doing all the pleasing . Mi think him a pay har to pretend dem deh so it no look so bad smh

    1. But DWRL yuh know har stomach still strong cause him couldn’t pay me enough fi even pretend say mi a lie dung wid him. Don’t get mi wrong. If it was dat him buss pon him own or wid some ghetto yute an tings a gwaan fi him…I would back him 10000% cause mi believe every body fi get a chance ina life. But she a mek ppl nuh have nutten good fi say bout di man yah now. Har antics a overshadow di man talent. If she piss she tek a picho of him and har an put it up an say “mi an di boss a do road an mi just done piss”. She always find a way fi run in pon di man shine. Kmt. Bwoy dem right when dem say ugliness inside will shine outside cause mi always used to see har an say she is a cute girl…..but right now all Gully Bop betta looking dan har. Kmt. A jus since night a yute a tell mi say she beg him $100 and a tablet and tru she nuh get it she cuss him and malice him. Licky licky heffer. She always haffi a laugh ina every video cause if she naw laugh she might cry or vomit. Di laughter help calm har nervousness. Wait…..GullyBop soon move up har nastiness. Cause all him know trash when him see it. Him jus a enjoy di ride.

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