1. She can cross it like many people daily run cross lol A mean they don’t care if you go a sneak back in lol

  2. No mi haffi laugh lmaono sah! Dem sender ya nuh easy at all…uno need fi be private investigator ah swear

  3. She used her state ID to cross over . Sender not lying I went to Mexico on foot from California to do my tattoo before. Lmao!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Shawna is a FRAUD!!!!

  4. People too dutty…. Shawna clear up the rumors!!!!!

    You have papers or not? How you reach Mexico??

    Shawna teeth dem wah fix bad… 2018 gal go get braces, veneers something…. Other than that she mind her business and try stay low key inna har 1999 louis vuittion and fake Chanel bags.. Shawna wanna be a hot gal soooooooooooooooooo bad.

    poor thing !!

    1. Jessie stfu
      Shawna may not have papers but she been a hot gal gal a wear brands from time none of these new heads not fcking with her… at least she still has all her timeless designer shit some ah unu buy so much fake that unu have to dash Dem weh Gweh badmind

  5. Wearing brand name clothes n shoes is an accomplishment now??
    A wah di rass this …… when since being hot ever get your bills paid.. when since wearing brand get u a business ??
    When since wearing brand put money in you pocket….
    low life people go sit down n read a book or subscribe to The NY Times n learn a thing or two about business.

    Too mix up… none of these so called “hot gals “ own assets in America ….. not 1

    No papers
    No assets
    No business
    No real future
    No man for them self

  6. Anonymous 5:55pm
    You claim Shawna a hot gal from long time so why she own nothing in America?
    Why she don’t use some of that $$ n fix bar damn teeth..
    She itch up under sweets ass all over NY trying to fit in…

    Don’t care how much brand u claim she have … she aint popping … end of story

    Shawna need a life !!!!

  7. Shawna true words u not popping. That fake ass speakie spokie voice fke as f**k. No sex appeal.

  8. she go EVERYWHERE that is in usa territory ,bout vacation -like she straight.a bet she don’t go DR or JA in dis lifetime again. she cant get nuh papers wid har criminal record -all when she talk bout god 99 times inna her fake baby voice

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