1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others

    no mi lub yuh look cheap nd tacky,wen yuh don’t have it as before yuh stay inna yuh hiding till yuh do.

  2. She reminds me of the fashion blogger, Nusophisticate.

    God ongle good fi when dem in troubles, di moment di trouble pass is back to business. Humans disloyal from dem bawn.

  3. It’s funny because she, dolly and sweets came to the party and it look like KP and the ugly sisters dem don’t talk. #truestory Shawna where were sweets and dolly when you were crying every single day in jail? Not one time did they come visit you, much less put money on your books. Yuh just love the hype. Next time your going home remember that!

  4. Well she come out a hidding now, but she shoulda bleach out first, she couldnt wait to ahow dem say is NY she deh….dum f**k…please stop pretend like you know god….

  5. Leave these dumb bitches to time. Time is catching on all of them. SHE LOOKS BADDDDDDD!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE OFF THE SYNTHETIC WIG…..

    1. The next time this girl fall it’s going to be hard. When you get lock up and reach back road you fi change you lifestyle. This one went right back to flossing. Those scripture shit and dropping subs about god blessing going to come and bite her on the ass.

      Puss have 9 lives, hers counting down. All a de men and women doing illegal shit fi keep far from her.

  6. She look match up like! fOh with that old shit tbt! No more fronting? Can even afford di bleach cream now u should a stay home till u can buy some decent things all that fake shit no mek it

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