28 thoughts on “SHAWTIE UP AND RUNNING

  1. You forget the white army man that was taking her shopping in the city also. Gal you good” you must feel like champion walking into any party in new york City.

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    yuh knw shawty chuely ugly inside out doah,like for grown ass ooman unu still into dis fight ova man,prove who the man really want ish before unu run him nd keep it pushing but no kmft

  3. Msn clown shawty fi go sit her white crusty tongue dung. Nasty gyak tek man like di army an proud fi publicize her whorish ways smh hawk an spit alone sum man wudda gi all she. Gully rat.

  4. Lmfao. Met that list very very very short G-fus,90’s men,TSA workers,Army men,her sister man,friends man.. she’s so right in video she takes milk out of coffee and sugar out a tea…. she will sleep with her own mother man trust and believe that baby monkey.

  5. Unno nuh see say this a mad gal. Now which man in a them right mind would want wife up and own up this tuff turbit gal? She a tek the army fool them. My girl the Army is nothing to glorify.

    Unless you are E5 and above, married with all 5 pickney….you aint making no money in the military. For the amount a work you have to put in, waking up before crack a dawn, not to mention when we go out in the field for weeks and not even your a** you can wash, eating those MRE’s and sleep in sleeping bags for the lilly bit a money dem a deposit in your account on the 1st and 15th. Oh Please!!!

  6. Mi like har no fakeness to har ting. She know what she is and no apology bakka dat And the man dem still a f**k har ugly ass . So she ok in my book

  7. So after admitting she is a tecka will that slow looking man still want her.

    But it look like the video is fr sunday because she say something bout party later and she had on the when i saw her in the restaurant in brookyn and thats what she had on

  8. Damn Tian….Your list keep growing… Them girls in the coat closet in the club, them highschool girls in your van when your going up and down linden,now Shawty???

  9. I don’t know shorty and I don’t hate her either but but but I’m getting annoyed at how she quick to defend herself against certain females but when Di army gal name Eileen Perez came for her on her FB page she didn’t say shit! Shorty did you f**k Eileen’s man too? Shorty I have the screen shots where she called you out and labelled you a “Jamaican Leprechaun” why did you not make a video of that? Mi really really waa know. You look a fool fighting ova man when while ignoring what could be construed as racist attacks from your army colleagues mi nuh rate yuh a BC!

  10. Same way she use to gwaan ova shotta till him diss har
    Me cannot stand that bitch at all she so stupid all the dancehall ppl do is use her to buy liquor & them drink she is a real clown over all

  11. Samgotti worthless cuz him mek shorty friend him baby mother and him f*** dirty body shorty talk to him baby mother n throw word on the girl f*** how many other party whores on her n now it look Like she got fed up n left cuz har ting look good from the odda day sum man really dnt know good tings cuz even if my woman was star no woman I wouldn’t let intimidate or diss

  12. How yuh figet Sojie??
    Then the lil young boy and then the Jewish guy? remember they had matching watches or something of the such

  13. Rofllkk..that is not a very pleasant looking girl..I wonder what the army thinks of her behavior, being she is a representation of them..she shape bad like..if i was in the army, my whole circle would be different..I gusset u can’t take the ghetto out of some people

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