Following the killing of the three people in Waterford this week and the allegation that a hit was put on them from Vybz Kartel that is behind bars. The entertainer’s woman and children have now fled Jamaica.

Last Saturday around this time, Dancehall artiste Sika Rymes who is said to be Vybz Kartel’s cousin was shot and hospitalized. Two days later a family in Waterford was ambushed and three people were killed. Less than forty-eight hours later, Vybz Kartel’s baby mother, Shorty was seen at the passport office with all three of his sons. Reports are that the family received death threats and have now fled to Barbados until its safe to return to Jamaica


  1. Dem fi bbc run! No bbc way dem fi have luxury and contentment when that entire family dead fi man whey in a hospital a draw breath!

    1. Ditto, Let them gwan go run up and down the globe, Kartel is not God. What a wicked act, Killed 3 people from one family to prove a point, Jamaica gone to the dogs.

  2. Dem can’t run forever. The police is moving too slowly on this one. It needs to be solved ASAP. The heights of wickedness. Smh

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